Kodak Black’s Net Worth – Everything You Need to Know

Hollywood is consistently witnessing up-and-coming superstars, rappers, and pop stars that are taking over the world. While pop stars often gain immense fame and popularity due to their relatable genre of music production, rappers are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Despite the roadblocks and challenges along the way, Kodak Black is one of the most popular American up and rising rappers with a very highly estimated net worth, especially for the short amount of time that he has been active in the music industry.

Kodak Black’s popularity all stems from his 2014 single, No Flocking, which put him on the map with all the other leading rappers in the American music industry. Besides being known for his amazing music career, Kodak Black has managed to find himself in the middle of several controversies and legalities.

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Early Life of Kodak Black

If the name wasn’t a giveaway, Kodak Black is the stage name of the American rapper. He was born as Dieuson Octave on June 11, 1997 in Pompano Beach, Florida to Marcelene Octave. It was later in his life that he legally changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri. 

The American rapper grew up in Golden Acres, under the legal guardianship and care of his mother. His relationship with music and rapping dates back his early school days, especially during elementary school when he would go out and rap in front of his friends.

Finding enthusiasm and passion in it, Kodak went out to a local trap house to record the music that he wrote back in the day. To further strengthen his lyrics and songwriting skills, Kodak would immerse himself in dictionaries to find new words and learn more about them.

However, controversies stem from Kodak’s childhood where he used to get into trouble due to fighting with his friends. It was later in his fifth grade that Kodak was expelled from the school he was going to. He was later arrested for auto theft during his middle school days.

Despite being born in Florida, when asked, Kodak said that he would describe his upbringing to be challenging wherein he was presented with two options – sell drugs or rap. Of course, he chose the latter.

During his early childhood days, Kodak was known as Lil Black in his community, which was why he took the stage name Kodak Black when he decided to open his official Instagram account.

Career and Professional Growth

Despite his American fame from his first single in 2014, Kodak’s entry into the music and rap world starts when he was 12 years old and part of a local rap group in his hometown called Brutal Youngnz. He was later part of another group named The Kolyons.

Gaining the initial growth and popularity from the local community, Kodak decided to release his first mixtape, Project Baby, which performed immensely well in the local pubs and nightclubs, bringing him the initial bout of fame.

Later in 2014, Kodak released two more mixtapes titled Hearts of the Projects and Institution.

However, what make Kodak a mainstream artist in the eyes of the rap enthusiasts was later in 2015 when popular American rapper, Drake danced to one of Kodak’s raps, Skrt. Once the fans came across the rap, they wanted to know more about the artist, further skyrocketing Kodak’s google search results.

It was later with the release of his fourth mixtape, Lil B.I.G. Pac that Kodak’s popularity rose to heights. The mixtape was produced and released by Atlantic Records and made it to the Billboard Music Charts, putting him on the rise to fame.

From there, Kodak has not looked back and has released new music and albums each year. In 2017, Kodak released Tunnel Vision, a single that made it to the American Music Charts and debuted at the 27th spot on the Billboard Music Chart.

It was later in 2018 that Kodak released his fifth mixtape, Heartbreak Kodak which garnered him a lot of popularity and success in the mainstream rapping industry, bringing him fans from across the globe.

In January 2021, Kodak released another hit rap, “Last Day In”, which he described as the experience when he was released from the prison. Besides independent releases, Kodak also collaborated and featured on Lil Yachty’s single Hit Bout It, which was released in February 2021.

Later in May 2021, Kodak released his sixth mixtape, Haitian Boy Kodak which pays tribute to the art of Haitian pride. Ever since then, he has released a few more singles and hit numbers that have sold multiple units and climbed up the charts quite quickly.

Controversies surrounding Kodak Black

As we mentioned before, Kodak didn’t have the most glorious childhood and had to overcome substantial challenges, ever since its school days. 

However, following his fame, the first controversy hit in 2017 when Kodak when on to his Instagram to conduct a live showing himself and a bunch of other men in a hotel room with a lone woman who was performing oral sex on them. Taking to his Twitter, Kodak said that he would change if he could but his personality is hood and rogue. This spiked a lot of rage and controversies among the audience and the fanbase.

Following that, Kodak Black was also bashed on social media accounts when he claimed that he liked light-skinned women more as opposed to dark-skinned women or black women, in general. This led to people telling Kodak to shut down his Instagram and Twitter accounts all together.

But, nothing compares to the 2019 controversy where he claimed to “wait” for Lauren London to engage in sexual relations with him, following the death of the rapper Nipsey Hussle. Kodak said that he could wait for a whole year if that’s what it takes the late rapper’s girlfriend, Lauren to be ready to be with him sexually. This sparked a lot of controversies and put a foul taste in the mouth of the audience concerning the rapper’s ethics and personality.

Philanthropy Work

Although not much comes to light, it was reported in 2018 that Kodak Black donates $10,000 to the Jack and Jill Children’s center and later announced in November 2018 that he was building a school in Haiti that will support the education of the underprivileged.

Since then, Kodak has worked with multiple other organizations, including Paradise Childcare in Broward County, Florida, South Carolina police officer Terrence Carraway’s family following his death, Cleburne Independent School District in Texas and so much more.

Net Worth of Kodak Black

Although the numbers aren’t 100% accurate, current reports for 2022 suggest that the average net worth of Kodak Black is USD 600,000.

However, the numbers can vary and depends on the constant units that he sells every day and every passing minute.

Currently, Kodak hasn’t hinted about any new album or mixtape that he is working on, especially after the release of his fourth album, Back for Everything, which was released in February 2022.

Whether or not he will release a new single or an album in the coming year is something that the fans would have to wait until they get an official confirmation. 

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