13 Best KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Anime for Free in 2022

Are you an anime lover that binge-watches the shows pretty much every day? If yes, chances are that you know about KissAnime and how popular the website is. However, what you need to realize is the fact that the website is one of a kind, and is often at risk of being banned or restricted. 

Most of the content that’s available on KissAnime is copyrighted or sourced from illegal sources, making the website a very vulnerable one to indulge in. In that case, having a list of the best alternatives can help you out in several ways.

To make the process easier, we have sorted some of the most popular and similar KissAnime alternatives you can consider looking into.

Top 13 KissAnime Alternatives in 2022

If anytime you are unable to stream through KissAnime, here are the 13 alternatives you can choose to watch your favourite or latest released anime series or movies. 

1. Crunchyroll

Ever since its launch in 2006, Crunchyroll is hands down one of the most popular legal alternatives for KissAnime you can look into. The highlight of this website is the versatility of the content. Not only do you get access to anime shows and movies, but there are different genres of video content available on the website too.

With over 15000 hours of available streaming content, Crunchyroll is an amazing website to binge-watch. As for the categories of content, you get access to anime, drama, romance and a whole other range of categories.

2. Anime Planet

Another legal and well-known anime website worth considering is Anime-Planet. The website has over 45000 hours of anime content and ranks among one of the best websites on the internet. The website was initially launched in 2001, which suggests that it has been on the internet for over two decades.

They contain a huge collection of the latest and classic anime shows and movies that you can binge-watch and stream on the website. Also, every category is assorted, making it easier to choose a particular show that you want to watch.

3. Anime Freak

Although a fairly new website compared to the previous two, Anime Freak is worthy to mention. It is one of the few KissAnime alternatives that feature HD video content that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire.

There are over 10,000 different kinds of anime shows and movies that are accessible on the website. If you aren’t fond of complicated website layouts, that isn’t an issue with this one. Everything on this website is categorized and sorted as per the date of update so you know which ones are the latest additions.

4. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is a powerhouse when it comes to a diverse availability of anime shows, movies and video content. However, the website is quite an underrated option among most anime lovers. If you are hunting for a website that’s very similar to KissAnime in terms of the content and the layout, we’d recommend looking into this.

This is also one of the few anime websites that offer download options for shows and movies. Also, every anime content they upload to the website is in high definition, which makes accessing it a lot easier and manageable. 

5. GoGoAnime

For anime enthusiasts who want to indulge in different genres and time stamps of anime content, GoGoAnime is hands down one of the best options around. There are older to rarer anime movies that you can watch and stream on your platform. 

The highlight of the website is that it has a new season tab, where you can access your favorite new shows that are recently released. Also, everything is free on the website, so there are no hassles around registrations and the whole lot.

6. 9Anime

It is not every day that you come across an anime website that contains millions of anime shows, movies and streaming content. So, 9Anime is hands down one of the best options that you can comfortably stream without any hassle. However, the main concern with anime is the language.

You won’t have to worry about that with 9Anime as the website offers English dubbed videos and other content with subtitles for easy viewing pleasure. This is without a doubt one of the best options you can consider looking into.

7. AnimeLab

Another popular anime website that you comfortably watch your favorite HD video content on is AnimeLab. Most of the content available on the website is directly streamed from Japan, so you can find some of the latest releases that you can’t find on any of the other websites on the internet.

Besides having thousands of anime shows on the website, another factor that highlights is the availability of different categories and subcategories of video content that you can watch to your heart’s desire. The website is 100% free and doesn’t require any registration too.

8. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is another one of your underrated yet quality KissAnime alternatives that you can watch according to your comfort. The website is fairly new and contains a limited content library, so you will have to accustom yourself to the limitations. However, the website is growing at an alarming rate, which is yet another benefit.

Besides anime movies, there are vast categories of cartoon categories too that you can binge-watch. The most unique feature on the website is the separate chat box where you can communicate with other people watching the shows.

9. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is one of the few KissAnime alternatives that is updated continually without any compromise. So, if you don’t like certain content updated to the website, you can always look into the new updates. From newly added series to some of the most popular anime movies, you can find diversity in the content.

As per our themes, the website is 100% free and doesn’t require any kinds of registration, which makes it easier for you to browse through the website without any complaints.

10. Horrible Subs

Don’t get persuaded by the name of the website because none of the updated content on the website is horrible. From the latest launches to the OG classics, you can find almost every kind of anime video that you feel like streaming or eventually downloading.

Diversity in the available anime videos is what makes it stand out from the lot. Also, the quality or resolution of the different anime shows ranges from 480p to 1080p. However, what makes this website stand out is the “release schedule” tab. Under this, you get to get an update about all the upcoming releases with the streaming link.

11. Anime Land

Another popular KissAnime alternative that allows you to download the content in HD format is Anime Land. The download option ensures that you can seamlessly stream and download the videos in high resolution so you can watch them when you are offline. 

Also, the website is quite organized and categorized, making it easier for you to browse through your favorite shows without any worries. The website is 100% free and has no registration platform that you won’t have to complain about at all.

12. Anime Karma

For anime lovers who want a one-in-all website that contains every last kind of anime show, movie and series, anime karma is an option you won’t regret spending your time on. Since most of the available content on the website is legal, you won’t have to worry about getting the website banned whilst watching your favorite shows.

The downside of the website is the consistent pop-up ads. They are very difficult to get rid of a pop up now and then, making it difficult for you to stream your video or shows in peace.

13. Masterani.me

If you are looking for an OG alternative to KissAnime, we’d recommend looking into Masterani.me. The website has been around for a few years and is a 100% free website that doesn’t require you to register or sign-up. It doesn’t allow downloads, so you’d need to stream the content on the website. Make sure you have an updated flash player on your system.

Besides the content library, the website’s layout is pretty promising too. This means that everything is organized into categories, making it easier for you to watch your favorite movies and shows without any worry in the process.


KissAnime is no doubt one of the best anime websites on the internet. However, you need to understand that their content library is filled with copyrighted and pirated content. So, they often get strikes and are banned or restricted in certain countries. So, knowing about some of the best alternatives can make it easier for you to access your favorite shows without needing to worry.


1. Why is KissAnime banned?

KissAnime hosts a lot of restricted and illegal anime content which is why it is banned and restricted in several countries.

2. Can I use a VPN to watch KissAnime content?

VPNs can help you access KissAnime if the website is banned and restricted in your country. But, use paid VPN services and not the free ones.

3. Are all the KissAnime alternatives free?

All the KissAnime alternatives mentioned in the article are 100% free and don’t require any kinds of sign-ups too.

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