Kim Kardashian Tells Robin Roberts Her Businesswomen Comment was ‘Taken out of Context’

Kim Kardashian apologises for her controversial businesswomen comment that she made while giving an interview for a magazine earlier this month.

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Kardashian told Robin Roberts that she appeared on Variety’s cover story on 9th March for her family’s upcoming reality TV series “The Kardashians.” 

Apart from talking about the new show, Kardashian also spoke a few words of wisdom for women doing business.

Her advice contained expletive words. She also said that nobody wants to work hard these days.

Kardashian received a huge backlash on social media for making such a comment. Roberts pointed out that many people called Kardashian “privileged” and how it may have helped her become successful.

In response to this Kardashian said that her comment was taken out of context. She also apologised for her words. She said that her intention was never to dismiss the hard work women put into their businesses.

Kardashian told Roberts that her comment was without conversation and questions around it. She explained how her tone changed with the question that was asked before and it went into the question about advising women.

Kardashian explained that she was addressing the role of social media stardom and fame in business success.

She also added that just having social media presence and showing up on reality shows is not enough to become successful. You need to work hard to make your business successful. It might seem easy, but in reality, it is not. Your business becomes successful outside social media only when you put in hard work. 

She continued saying that her comment was never meant to underestimate women or make them feel like they are not hardworking. She knows that they work hard for their business.

Kardashian’s comment was poked fun at the 2022 Academy Awards. In a “consolation prizes” segment, host Regina Hall joked about having an “inspirational quote” from Kardashian. 

She wanted to address this quote to Judi Dench, who lost the best-supporting actress award to Ariana DeBose for “West Side Story”.

She said Dench should work harder and move her “expletive.” The other two hosts also joined Regina in her joke.

Kardashian’s comment about businesswomen got her immediate backlash from both business and non-business women.

On the work front, Kardashian has a new show coming up which is again about her family. It is named “The Kardashians.”

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