10 JustDubs Alternatives In 2022 – Best Sites Like JustDubs To Watch Anime Online in High Quality

Anime and cartoons are the two entertainment genres that you just can’t get enough of. With the growing popularity, it isn’t surprising that more and more streaming websites are popping up on the internet. JustDubs is one of the most popular options that you can consider looking into.

However, JustDubs is not a legal website and primarily sources its content from third-party websites, which is one of the reasons why the website is often banned across many countries. So, having access to the best JustDubs alternatives in 2022 is something you need to prioritize.

JustDubs is known for offering high-resolution anime shows. So, finding a similar alternative with the same level of quality is something you might have a hard time sorting out. We will explore all that and more in this article.

What is JustDubs?

JustDubs is a popular anime website that enables viewers to watch their favorite anime shows and content. It is a 100% free video streaming website that allows you to stream the latest and classic anime shows without needing to sign up or register on the website.

However, there are certain limitations to the website, especially due to the piracy laws and restrictions imposed by most of the bigger countries. So, having access to the best alternatives is where you can have a backup in case the website is banned where you live.

What makes JustDubs stand out from the rest?

JustDubs is popular for several reasons, especially when it comes to the resolution of the videos and the anime content that is available on the internet. The website is like any other streaming website but the USP of this platform is that everything is available for free.

But what makes it such a popular option among the masses? Here are a few pointers that you need to be mindful of:

  • The website is 100% free and doesn’t require any kind of sign-up or registration.
  • The website is filled with different kinds of categories of anime shows, both new and older ones.
  • The website hosts content between 480p to 1080p resolution. 
  • The website updates its content every few weeks with the latest content.
  • The website has a navigable layout with a minimal layout. 

However, there are some downsides to the website too. The legality issue is one of the most common reasons the website is banned in several countries.

Can I use VPN to access JustDubs?

What happens if JustDubs is banned in your country? You have been using the website for years and suddenly, the website isn’t accessible anymore. Sounds like a problem, doesn’t it?

Ideally, if you don’t want to use any of the alternatives, we’d highly recommend that you access the website using a VPN.

It helps you bypass the ban or restriction that is imposed on the website from the government restrictions. However, we’d recommend using paid VPN services because the free ones aren’t efficient and can compromise privacy as well.

Top 10 Alternatives of JustDubs

Now that you have a basic idea about JustDubs and its functionalities, let us walk you through a list of the best alternatives.

1. GoGoAnime


When it comes to anime streaming, GoGoAnime is a leading option that you can look into. Besides the smooth and minimal layout of the website, it has a configurable homepage that consists of all the important categories right on the homepage.

The best part about this website is configurable and dubbed content that anyone can watch in their native language. Also, they have different sections for their Newly Added content, the Trending Anime shows, etc., which makes it a worthy option.

Also, it is an open-source anime streaming platform, which adds to the overall benefit of the website.

2. AnimeLand


When it comes to the best JustDubs alternative on the internet, nothing beats AnimeLand. From the website layout to its content library, the website has very similar traits to JustDubs. Besides hosting over 45,000+ anime content, everything is available for free and without any registration.

Their organized layout makes it easier for you to navigate through the different categories of the website. Every category on the website is refreshed every week, which keeps the viewers entertained and engaged from the get-go.

3. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the few alternatives on the list that has both free and premium versions. There are a plethora of available categories, ranging from romance, and comedy to action and drama. The website has over 25,000 running and active anime episodes on the platform.

The compatibility of the website is quite amazing too, especially because it runs on Roku TV, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. Also, the video quality is a minimum of 720p, which ensures that you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the content you are streaming.

4. KissAnime


Another well-known and high-quality anime streaming platform that serves as a good alternative for JustDubs. The overall user interface of the website is quite simple and well-organized, with new content added to the website every day.

Besides the classic anime content, the website also features Hollywood cartoon shows ranging from 240p to 1080p resolution. The page loading speed of the website is quite efficient as well.

5. AnimeShow.tv


Next up on the list is AnimeShow.tv, which is one of the most well-known anime streaming websites. From drama to romance anime shows, you can find just about anything that your heart desires. The site overall is quite responsive and has an attractive UI, which is another reason why it stands out as a good alternative to JustDubs.

You don’t need to register or sign up, which is quite helpful as well. The only downside to this website is the availability of random ads that pop up here and there without a warning. You are going to be frustrated with that aspect of the website. However, the good news is that the developers are continually improving the overall website layout, which is a bonus.

6. CartoonCrazy


Just like the name suggests, CartoonCrazy is for all those cartoon fanatics that love to stream and watch their favorite anime and cartoon shows on free streaming platforms. Each category on the website has an innumerable number of available shows for you to stream. But, the best part? It is entirely free and you don’t have to sign up as well.

Overall, the website has a very basic and interactive layout that makes navigation a lot simpler. You won’t have to fret about getting confused while scrolling through the website.

7. AnimePahe


If we had to highlight an underrated alternative to JustDubs, we knew we had to include this one in the list. It is unlike anything else, especially with its simple UI and interactive user experience. There is an abundance of free content available on the website, which further contributes to the fun you can have while streaming your anime shows.

The website does have a very limited content library, which is very sporadically updated, so you have to wait a bit for new shows and episodes.

8. Sidereel


Sidereel is a one-stop destination for every kind of find anime content that you can consider streaming. It is an all-in-one video streaming website, wherein you can find your favorite anime shows, different kinds of movies, TV shows, and even web series.

So, not just is it a good JustDubs alternative, but it is also a great alternative to any banned free video streaming platform in your country. The overall website is quite organized and easy to navigate through.

9. AnimeToon


If you are particularly on the hunt for the recent anime shows online, AnimeToon is no doubt the best option you will come across. It is a free website with HD quality streamable videos, making it a worthy alternative to JustDubs.

The ads on the website can be a little frustrating, especially if you don’t have ad blockers switched on your system. Besides that, the website gets a 10 on 10 on every other aspect and functionality that you can think of.

10. 9Anime


Last but not least on the list of the best JustDubs alternatives is 9Anime. This one has been around for years now and is a mainstream website loved by the anime geeks. Despite providing access to the absolute best quality streamable content, the website is 100% free.

Besides streaming, users can also directly download their favorite anime shows and episodes from the website, further adding to the credibility of this platform. No longer will you have to compromise on your viewing experience if the network is slow. You also do get access to a variety of unique features that you normally wouldn’t find anywhere else.



JustDubs is no doubt anime heaven. However, due to the uploaded content on their website, it is often banned or restricted in certain countries. What we’d recommend in that case is to have this list of alternatives handy with you. Doing so enables you to fall back on the required websites without needing to halt your viewing experience altogether.