Jenna Jameson Today All You Need to Know About Her New Life


Jenna Jameson, once known as the “Queen of Porn” for her prolific adult film career, has been living a much different life in recent years. After retiring from porn in 2008, she has faced several health issues that have reshaped her world. However, Jenna has shown incredible resilience and determination to recover and start a new chapter.

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In this article, we will look at Jenna’s mysterious illness in 2022 that left her unable to walk, her COVID-19 diagnosis, marriage to Lior Bitton, possibilities of having more children, plans for a reality show, recent weight loss journey, and how she has been keeping her fans updated on social media.

Jenna’s Mysterious Illness in 2022

In January 2022, Jenna alarmed her fans when she posted on Instagram that she could no longer walk and was throwing up for two weeks. Doctors struggled to determine the exact cause of her inability to walk and other symptoms.

Some theorized it was Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder where the immune system attacks nerves. Others thought it might be a severe vitamin deficiency. Jenna underwent various tests and treatment, including IVIG therapy.

By March 2022, Jenna confirmed she could walk again with assistance. Though still a mystery, her illness profoundly affected her abilities. During recovery, she relied on a wheelchair and walker to move around. Her weight also plummeted to under 100 pounds due to an inability to keep food down.

Jenna’s COVID-19 Diagnosis in August 2022

In August 2022, just as she was making positive strides in her recovery, Jenna contracted COVID-19. She had to be isolated from her family, including her partner Lior and their daughter.

Jenna reported feeling extremely weak and fatigued from the virus. She said she lost even more weight due to lack of appetite. Fortunately, she did not require hospitalization and was able to rest and recover at home.

Marriage to Lior Bitton

Amidst her health struggles, Jenna’s partner Lior Bitton has been a constant support. Jenna and Lior, an Israeli entrepreneur and celebrity blogger, have been together since 2015.

In 2016, they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Batel Lu. In August 2022, Jenna confirmed she and Lior had married in a private Jewish ceremony.

Jenna gushed on social media about their strong marriage, calling Lior her “rock” and “best friend.” It’s clear Lior’s support has been instrumental in Jenna’s recovery.

Possibility of More Kids

Prior to her illness, Jenna expressed hopes of having more children with Lior. She is already a mother of three, including two sons from previous relationships.

In a 2021 interview with E! News, Jenna shared she had frozen her eggs and was open to surrogacy, IVF, or adoption. However, her health issues put those plans on pause.

As of August 2022, Jenna said she would “never say never” about expanding their family again. But for now, she is focused on regaining her strength and raising their daughter Batel. Jenna remains optimistic for what the future may hold.

Plans for a Reality Show

Jenna has hinted that fans may be seeing more of her personal life onscreen soon. In an August 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jenna revealed she and her family are filming a reality show.

While details are scarce, Jenna suggested the show will capture her relationship with Lior, their life with daughter Batel, and her health journey.

Jenna said viewers can expect to see both the glamorous and raw sides of her world. If picked up, the reality show could shed light on Jenna’s new chapter as a wife, mother, and public figure.

Addressing Her Weight Loss

One impact of Jenna’s illness was significant weight loss. At the peak of her symptoms, she dropped under 100 pounds, appearing emaciated in photos that alarmed fans.

In a February 2022 YouTube video, Jenna candidly addressed her weight, saying she lost so much muscle mass that she didn’t even look like herself. She said her lack of appetite and inability to eat properly led to the extreme weight loss.

As Jenna’s condition has improved, she has been able to put on some needed weight through strength training and a high-calorie diet. She said her focus is now on building muscle, not the number on the scale.

Keeping Fans Updated on Social Media

Throughout her health struggles, Jenna has been committed to keeping her fans updated through social media. On Instagram and TikTok, she posts about her progress and setbacks, recovery wins, quality time with family, and words of inspiration.

Seeing Jenna’s resilience as she learns to walk again or bravely shaves her head due to hair loss reminds fans of her incredible strength. The outpouring of encouragement from fans clearly uplifts Jenna’s spirit as well.


The past couple years have undoubtedly been an immense challenge for Jenna Jameson. From her mysterious illness to COVID-19, she has faced scary health battles. But she has also found love and support through her marriage to Lior.

While there are still many unknowns about Jenna’s condition, her outlook remains positive. She is focused on rebuilding her strength, spending time with loved ones, and preparing for her potential return to reality TV. Jenna’s story provides inspiration about finding light even in life’s darkest moments.

FAQs about Jenna Jameson’s New Life

Q1. What illness left Jenna unable to walk in 2022?

In January 2022, Jenna suddenly lost the ability to walk and had other debilitating symptoms. Despite extensive testing, doctors have been unable to definitively diagnose the cause. Some theories are Guillain-Barre syndrome or a severe vitamin deficiency.

Q2. How much weight did Jenna lose during her illness?

At her sickest point, Jenna revealed she dropped under 100 pounds due to extreme appetite and nutrition issues. The weight loss left her appearing extremely thin and frail.

Q3. Who is Jenna’s husband Lior Bitton?

Lior Bitton is Jenna’s second husband whom she married in 2022. He is an Israeli entrepreneur and celebrity blogger. They have been together since 2015 and have a daughter named Batel.

Q4. What are Jenna’s plans for the future?

Jenna is focused on her continued recovery, spending time with her family, and preparing for a potential new reality show that would showcase her relationship and personal life.

Q5. How has Jenna kept fans updated about her health?

Jenna has been very open on social media about her health journey. She posts updates, photos, and videos on Instagram and TikTok so her fans can follow along and support her progress.

Table Summary of Jenna’s Health Journey

DateHealth Event
January 2022Becomes unable to walk and is hospitalized; cause remains unclear
March 2022Regains some ability to walk with assistance
August 2022Contracts COVID-19 and loses more weight
August 2022Marries partner Lior Bitton in small Jewish ceremony
February 2022 – PresentFocuses on regaining strength and mobility
August 2022 – PresentHints at potential new reality show about her life



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