Is John Travolta Gay, Bisexual or Just Victim to Vicious Rumors

Is John Travolta Gay, Bisexual Or Rumors To Spoil American Actor Personality? Let find out. For decades, John Travolta has been one of Hollywood’s most bankable and iconic stars. From his breakout role as Vinnie Barbarino on the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter to his Academy Award-nominated performance in Pulp Fiction, Travolta has captivated audiences with his charismatic on-screen presence. However, despite his professional success, the actor’s personal life has been subject to much speculation and rumors – particularly regarding his sexuality.

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A Long History of Gay Rumors

Rumors about Travolta being gay have dogged the star since the earliest days of his career. Even while he was on Welcome Back, Kotter, tabloids were theorizing about his sexuality. The rumors intensified as Travolta transitioned to film, starring in hits like Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Urban Cowboy.

Despite being an icon of heterosexual machismo in many of his roles, Travolta exhibited some mannerisms on-screen that fueled speculation. His energetic dance moves in films like Saturday Night Fever struck some viewers as stereotypically gay. Rumors also suggested that his sensitivity and emotionality as an actor were signs of homosexuality.

Persistent Whispers and Direct Accusations

Over the subsequent decades, gossip about Travolta’s supposed homosexuality only escalated. Rumors circulated about romantic links with various men, though no relationship was ever confirmed or substantiated.

In 1990, gay porn star Paul Barresi came forward claiming to have had a sexual affair with Travolta in the 1980s. Barresi provided detailed accounts of their alleged relationship. However, Travolta’s representatives steadfastly denied the story.

Several other men subsequently came forward with similar claims of sexual and romantic involvement with the Grease star. In 2012, two male masseurs filed lawsuits accusing Travolta of sexual harassment and assault during massage sessions. Though these accusations grabbed headlines, the suits were eventually withdrawn or dismissed.

Then in 2017, actress Carrie Fisher made waves when she stated in an interview that Travolta was “absolutely gay.” She hinted that Hollywood insiders were aware of this open secret. But again, Fisher provided no hard proof to support her provocative comments.

What Travolta Has Said

Travolta himself has staunchly denied all insinuations that he is homosexual. When asked about rumors regarding his sexuality, the actor has typically dismissed them as malicious fabrications.

In one typical response during a 2014 interview, Travolta asserted, “I found it most offensive with the loss of my son. I felt like that was the lowest I’d ever felt. [That] stuff never leaves you.” Here, Travolta suggested the gay rumors had been especially hurtful in the aftermath of his son Jett’s tragic death in 2009.

On other occasions, he’s shrugged off the gossip as inevitable given the tabloid culture surrounding Hollywood. He’s also threatened to take legal action against some outlets spreading gay rumors about him.

In summary, Travolta maintains any claims of homosexuality on his part are completely unfounded. He asserts he is, and always has been, exclusively attracted to women.

Travolta’s Romantic History

A look at Travolta’s dating history lends credence to his statements about his sexuality. He has been romantically linked to several notable actresses over the decades.

In the 1970s, Travolta dated his Welcome Back, Kotter co-star Diana Hyland, to whom he was reportedly engaged before her tragic early death from breast cancer. He subsequently had high-profile relationships with actresses Catherine Deneuve and Marilu Henner.

Though single for some time, Travolta began a relationship with actress Kelly Preston in the late 1980s. The couple married in 1991 and remained devoted partners until Preston’s death from breast cancer in 2020. They had three children together, highlighting the outward happiness and stability of their union.

The Verdict? No Definitive Proof

In the end, despite decades of rumors, no convincing evidence has emerged that definitively proves John Travolta is gay or bisexual. He has steadfastly denied these claims and his relationships and behavior do not tend to indicate homosexuality.

While some argue that Travolta remains “closeted,” this is ultimately only speculation and hearsay. Gay activists have criticized attempts to forcibly “out” public figures who wish to keep their sexuality private. Travolta deserves the benefit of the doubt unless solid facts surface confirming his orientation.

Absent such evidence, the rumors can only be chalked up to tabloid sensationalism and a public tendency to speculate about celebrities’ private lives. They reflect society’s complicated attitudes more than any verifiable truth about Travolta himself. The actor has every right to defend his heterosexual identity against unproven insinuations.

For now, the facts indicate John Travolta identifies as straight. While his accusers are convinced they know his “real” orientation, their claims remain unsubstantiated. Unless Travolta himself indicates otherwise, there is simply no definitive evidence to suggest he is gay or bisexual.


Is John Travolta gay?

There is no definitive evidence that John Travolta is gay. He has consistently denied these rumors and identified himself as straight. While some people have made claims about his sexuality, these accounts remain unproven and speculative.

What evidence is there that John Travolta is gay?

The main evidence cited for John Travolta being gay is rumor and hearsay. Some individuals, like former gay lover Paul Barresi and actress Carrie Fisher, have made claims about his sexuality. However, these accounts are not supported by concrete proof. Travolta denies all allegations of homosexuality.

Has John Travolta had relationships with men?

There have been accusations that John Travolta was sexually involved with various men, including gay porn star Paul Barresi and several masseurs. However, Travolta denies these claims and no proof of any alleged gay relationships has been made public. They remain rumors without verification.

Is John Travolta bisexual?

There is no compelling evidence suggesting John Travolta is bisexual. Travolta has not claimed to be bisexual himself. The rumors about his sexuality solely insinuate he is gay, not bisexual. His public relationships have only been with women.

Why do rumors about John Travolta’s sexuality persist?

Rumors about John Travolta’s sexuality persist largely because of tabloid sensationalism and public speculation about the private lives of celebrities. Travolta’s energetic dance moves in films like Saturday Night Fever also fueled misconceptions about his orientation. But these remain unproven rumors and hearsay.


John Travolta has faced gay rumors and allegations throughout his long career in the public eye. However, no conclusive proof has ever surfaced confirming these speculative claims about his sexuality. Travolta identifies as straight and has only publicly dated women. While gossip continues to swirl, there are still no definitive answers regarding Travolta’s orientation – only unverified hearsay and speculation. Unless Travolta himself indicates otherwise, there is no way to know with certainty whether he is gay, straight or bisexual. The public may never truly know the truth.





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