All About Squid Game And Where To Watch

Have you ever wondered if winning a huge amount of 45.6B South Korean currency would be a child’s play? It is now. The show acing the list of Top 10 Netflix TV shows, Squid Game, has made a way directly to the heart of the audience with a bang-on series of life thrilling 9 episodes about a children’s game being played. 

Squid Game – The First Non-English Netflix Show To Ace The Top 10 List

This non-English Korean show surpassed the French series, Lupin and the Spanish series, and Money Heist. According to some reliable sources, Squid Games is on the path to becoming the most-watched Netflix show ever. 

Exploring Squid Games

The show spins around 456 debt-ridden contestants, suffering from financial difficulty, making them unable to repay the debt. With such a big amount at stake, which is actually 290 crore INR, each of them tries their best to win it. Huge promises were made to the contestants tricking them into a children’s game, red light, green light, which in reality is a bloody tournament involving deaths. 

Although the consent of participants was asked before the game, no one objects as the amount was too huge to be rejected. The odds of surviving the bloodshed and winning are equal to a minimum. The only way to survive is to either win the game or die. Hwang Dong-hyuk, director of this famous series originally planned it as a movie of which he wrote a script back in 2008 and actually completed it in 2009. Later after a gap of a decade, he decided on transforming it into a series. 

The Reality Of Squid Games

Actually, the Squid Game is a real game played by Korean children which is a modified version of a tag game that is usually played amongst the children. The game was quite popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The original did not involve any kind of violence. Along with Squid Game, other different Korean games are also seen played by the contestants throughout the series. 

Season 1: 9 Episodes

Episode 1 starts with a chance given to Seong Gi-hun, who’s a desperate father indebted to loan sharks alienated from his family, to win a huge amount of money in return for winning a game. The offer is unanimously accepted by him to which he’s sedated and taken away to a large hall bedroom with 455 similar candidates. They were then only identified by the number assigned to them. Gi-hun gets befriended by player 1 and also recognizes two other players, Cho Sang-woo, an investment broker, and player 67, a pickpocket. Gi-hun somehow manages to survive the first game Red Light, Green Light.

As the show continues, using a clause of rules they manage to cancel the game but later many of them re-enter out of extreme need. Jun-ho, a detective in disguise follows Gi-hun when he’s taken away by the jumpsuit guards. The players start to make alliances to survive the game. Player 111 secretly steals organs of dead players with the help of guards to sell on the black market. 

The third game is the tug of war where a team of 10 individuals was divided where Gi-hun’s team was shown struggling while Deok-Su’s team won singlehandedly. Jun-ho somehow discovers the long 30 years old history of the game where his brother Hwang In-ho was the winner. 

The fourth game was revealed to be a paired marble game in which the conditions turned south. This led Gi-hun and Sae-byeok to eliminate their own friends and was later traumatized by their deaths. Jun-ho, who was disguised as one of the guards, steals the records and attacks the VIPs by recording their confessions and leaving the island. 

The fifth game involved a bridge made of tempered and glass panels. The game involved a lot of deaths with only Sang-woo, Sae-byeok, and Gi-hun as survivors. The three finalists were allowed to change their clothes and left by a knife. Sang-woo kills Sae-byeok who tried to save him by stopping Gi-hun from killing him. In the same time, Jun-ho is trapped by a Frontman who reveals this to his brother and forces him to join him. 

In its last episode, after a long brutal fight, Gi-hun denies killing Sang-wook but he stabs himself asking to serve his mom in return. Ultimately, Gi-hun wins and returns back with the card for the money. Oh Il-Nam, the creator of the game invites Gi-hun and tells him that he made the show for entertaining the rich. Gi-hun saves Sae-byeoks’s brother and reconnects to the daughter. He retrieves the card yet again and calls the number to ask who runs the game. 

Where To Binge Squid Games

The show was first released on Netflix to a worldwide audience on the 17th of September, 2021, in 13 different languages and subtitled in 31 languages. It was originally made in Korean. To watch this thrilling extraordinary series enclosing 9 fingernail-biting episodes, you need to have access to a Netflix account as it is only available on Netflix. The dubbing artists have equally respected the voices of original actors so well by maintaining the graph of the series.

Episode Number Episode Name Where To Watch
1 Red Light, Green Light View Here
2 Hell View Here
3 The Man with the Umbrella View Here
4 Stick to the Team View Here
5 A Fair World View Here
6 Gganbu View Here
7 VIPS View Here
8 Front Man View Here
9 One Lucky Day View Here

Top Reasons To Watch Squid Games

The story is so well put and the characters hold the beauty of the series. They fit in so smoothly with the storyline turning on the natural emotion and trauma of the atmosphere. But the main attraction is the issue put forward by the writer-director of Squid Games which is Capitalism and the never-ending debt cycle. 

According to the director, he wanted to portray something which not only targets the Korean audience but also creates a global impact regarding the issue. This in turn leads the indebted population to get involved in vicious and illegal activities. There’s no doubt that the series involves a lot of blood baths and watching so many deaths could be disturbing but the action moves swiftly not holding up for long. 

Speculation For Season 2

The Squid Game is most likely to return with a second season. According to the official statement of Netflix in June 2022, it is expected to release in 2023 or 2024. The reviews are incredible, terming the series as completely addictive and binge-worthy. A lot of expectations are already made as the par was set so high by the first season.  

Squid Games impacted a large fraction of the audience with its extreme and unique plot. The show not only focuses on real-life issues but also steers clear of the age-old issues of debts. The episodes ask you to come for more every time you watch. It is really addictive and eye-capturing.