Index of Chernobyl – Where To Watch And All You Need To Know About

If there’s one television show apart from GoT that has received massive appreciation and been lauded by critics for its outstanding performance and direction, it has to be HBO’s television miniseries, “Chernobyl”! With an impressive IMDB rating of 9.6, the series reveals the fate of the people associated with the worst ever man-made disaster in the history of mankind! 

But, what inspired Craig Mazin, the creator of the famous miniseries to bring life to the horrific incident on the silver screen? After the massive hit of its first innings, will the show see its second part? This article will take you through the bits and pieces of the Chernobyl season 1 plot and story and will share reasons why everyone must watch the HBO mini-series! So, without wasting time any further, let’s take a glimpse into the story! 

What Is Chernobyl? 

Chernobyl – Where To Watch And All You Need To Know About

Written by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck, the HBO television miniseries Chernobyl is a real-life story woven around the worst man-made disaster in human history, the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. The miniseries revolves around the brave hearts who had put their heart and soul to rescue and protect the victims of the man-made catastrophe! The five-episode historical drama miniseries tells its viewers about the plight of the people living there and the indolence and carelessness of the Government and the workers of the nuclear power plant which ultimately led to such a horrific incident which still is enough to instill fear among the strongest of hearts! 

About Chernobyl Season 1 – Plot And Story 

The Chernobyl season 1 deals with the Chernobyl disaster of the year 1986 which was caused after the Soviet Nuclear Power Plant exploded, which in turn exposed its people to the harmful nuclear radiation emitted by the catastrophic incident. The miniseries hints us toward the fact that though the disaster is known to the world as a man-made horrific incident, nobody in the world planned it intentionally. Whatever happened in the Soviet Union on 26th April 1986, was the result of the carelessness and unwariness of the authorities and the Soviet Government. With that being said, let us now take a brief look at the Chernobyl television miniseries season 1 – its plot, and storyline! 

But, before jumping directly to the plot of Chernobyl, let us have a brief look at the cast and crew of the five-episode HBO miniseries. 

Cast And Crew 

  1. Jarred Harris – Valery Legasov 
  2. Stellan Skarsgård – Boris Shcherbina
  3. Emily Watson – Ulana Khomyuk
  4. Paul Ritter – Anatoly Dyatlov
  5. Jessie Buckley – Lyudmilla Ignatenko
  6. Adam Nagaitis – Vasily Ignatenko
  7. Con O’Neill – Viktor Bryukhanov
  8. Adrian Rawlins – Nikolai Fomin
  9. Sam Troughton – Aleksandr Akimov

Other members who starred in the television series were Karl Davies, Donald Sumpter, Fares Fares, Alex Ferns, and many more! 

The five episodes of Chernobyl season 1 premiered in the United States in the year 2019 on May 6th. Following that, the show was aired in the United Kingdom on 7th May 2019.

Plot And Storyline

There were a total of five episodes in the HBO miniseries of which “1:23:45” was the opening show, which was followed by “Please Remain Calm”,Open Wide, O Earth” was the third episode of the Chernobyl miniseries which was followed by “The Happiness of All Mankind”. The show ended with the fifth episode, “Vichnaya Pamyat”. 

The first episode, “1:23:45” opens with a scene, minutes earlier from the horrific explosion! Minutes later at 1:23:45, soon after Reactor 4 of Chernobyl’s nuclear plant explodes and bursts, the higher authority official, namely, Anatoly Dyatlov, the Deputy Chief Engineer at Chernobyl, refuses to admit the extremity and the potential danger that lies ahead of the catastrophe! Soon after the explosion, Anatoly scheduled a meeting with the Pripyat Executive Committee who denied any danger to the inhabitants of the city, and ordered the opening of the water valves near the Reactor to cease the damage! But, who knew that doing so would invite more problems for the people? While Aleksandr Akimov and Leonid Toptunov were acting according to the orders, they were exposed to dangerous radiation from the explosion. To tackle the catastrophe, Legasov is being informed about the incident and was approached to aid in the rescue! 

The second episode, which aired on 13th May of the same year, shows Ulana Khomyuk, a scientist investigating the incident, reporting an increase in the levels of radiation but her warnings were not given attention by the authorities! To handle the grim situation, Legasov, along with Boris was sent to Chernobyl where they met with Khomyuk who warned them about the rise in radiation levels. Additionally, Khomyuk predicted that if the core of the Reactor makes even a small contact with the water, a steam explosion will follow, which will be enough to destroy everything. Thus, a group of volunteers was ordered to clear up the water and we see them being successful in their mission! 

While the second episode ended with success and hope, the third episode, “Open wide, O Earth” again introduces its viewers to another problem. The third episode shows a nuclear meltdown that threatens to contaminate the local water resources! Meanwhile, Khomyuk was sent to the hospital where the duo who opened the water valves was admitted! While all this was happening, Lyudmilla was arrested by KGB agents who were later released with the help of Legasov. They shared their plans of mass mobilization of the liquidators for decontamination with the Committee. 

“The Happiness of All Mankind”, which aired on 27th May 2019, takes us through the execution of the plan. An exclusion area is established. Meanwhile, Shcherbina, who came to understand the impact of the catastrophe, warns against the caution to circumvent Government reaction! 

The final episode, Vichnaya Pamyat, takes us to the day when Dyatlov and Committee members are given a trial for their carelessness! Additionally, though Legasov holds Dyatlov responsible for the disaster, he also admits that the control rods of Boron, which were made to reduce reactivity, actually increased the same as they had their tips made from graphite which had the property of increasing the reactivity! The show ends when Legasov is informed that his testimony will not be accepted by the state and someone else will be credited for the help, which Legasov truly deserved! 

Reason To Watch

The HBO miniseries, Chernobyl focuses on the connection between humans and their self-created technologies. The five-episode television series teaches us a lesson that technology is not enough to sustain any catastrophe, it is only humans and their perception of humanity that can prevent any further incident similar to Chernobyl! 

According to writer Craig Mazin, when people start lying, when transparency is lacking, and when the political system hinders the prevention of risks when catastrophes happen. Thus, everyone should watch Chernobyl, as it hints toward the most important lesson of the era: managing nuclear problems cannot be done solely by more techno-fixes. Rather, it is only human beings and their honesty towards their work that can prevent further nuclear problems in the future. 

Where To Watch

Co-produced by Sky and HBO, the series is primarily available on HBO. Thus if HBO is available on your Television, then you can easily get access to the television miniseries. If you don’t have HBO TV, you can always watch the five-episode season 1 of Chernobyl on HBO Go or can purchase HBO Now and can get access to the show, besides other shows on HBO as well! Again, the series is available on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. But, Netflix users can not watch the show on Netflix as Netflix is not included in the broadcaster list of the HBO miniseries Chernobyl season 1. 

Episode Number Episode Name Air Date Where To Watch
1 “1:23:45” May 6, 2019 View Here
2 “Please Remain Calm” May 13, 2019 View Here
3 “Open Wide, O Earth” May 20, 2019 View Here
4 “The Happiness of All Mankind” May 27, 2019 View Here
5 “Vichnaya Pamyat” June 3, 2019 View Here

About Chernobyl Season 2 – Rumors

In the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl was awarded the Emmy Awards for Best Limited Series, Best Writing, and Best Directing. Soon after the series won 10 awards at the Emmy Awards ceremony, the writer Craig Mazin was questioned whether the show will see its return as Season 2! In answer to the question, the creator responded negatively saying, “We will not be doing that. We told a story of a place in time and we did it pretty darn well…” With the bad news for Chernobyl fans, there’s some good news for you as well. 

Though the creator confirmed that fans will not see any further seasons of the historical drama, he hinted at the possibility that he and his team might again return to HBO for similar projects! He quoted, “If I came to HBO and said ‘I want to do another season of Chernobyl, except it’s gonna be about another terrible tragedy,’ whether it’s Bhopal or Fukushima or something like that, I would imagine they would at least give me polite interest.”

The Dramatization Of The Real-Life Story

While the show has received massive appreciation from its viewers and movie critics, it has also collected a few destructive criticisms as well. Many accused that the series is historically inaccurate. When asked about such accusations, the series’ creators agreed to the fact that few things were made up in the series, which is far from reality. 

According to reports, the role of Ulama Khomyuk was totally made up. Actually, the real incident had not one but several different nuclear physicists and scientists who were engaged in the investigation of the case! Again, there is no full-proof evidence that Legasov gave such a powerful speech in real life as dramatized in the show! 


Though the creators confirmed that Chernobyl was a limited television series, the current global scenario hints us towards the fact that the story of Chernobyl is still not complete! If we do not take account of our own actions, the day is not very far when the world will see a return of the Chernobyl incident!