Hundreds Anime Season 2: Cast, Plot, Storyline, Release Date, Trailers, And More 

The anime series “ Hundreds “ is a part of the light novel series, penned by writer Jun Misaki. The manga-adapted television series was produced by the production studio, “ Production IMS”, and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi. It consists of 12 episodes, namely, Little Garden, The Invincible Queen, Variant Awakening, Bodyguard, Imitation Girl, The Diva’s Love Song, The Captured Sleeping Beauty, Night At The Lake, Dragoon Type, School Festa, Garden’s Crisis, and Friends! All these seasons were aired between 5th April 2016 to 21st June 2016.

Hundreds Anime Season 2

Season 1 was quite loved by the audiences and since then, the viewers and anime lovers are waiting for the release of season 2! But, will season 2 ever be released? Is there any official announcement of the same? 

In this article, we will share all the news that we have collected in relation to the Hundreds Season 2 release date, trailers, and latest news! Continue reading to find out more! But, before that, let us do a brief recapitulation of the casts, plots, and storyline of the famous manga adoption anime series show! 

Cast And Crew Of Hundreds Anime Television Series

Main Characters And Cast

  • Hayato Kisaragi(Yoshiaki Hasegawa) 

Hayato Kisaragi, vocalized by Yoshiaki, is the male protagonist of the anime show! He was a Variant, who later became a Slayer of the Savages! His weapon, the Flying Swallow, is a Hundred which could acquire the shape of a sword! He is shown in the show to have a soft corner towards Emilia. 

  • Emilia Hermit(Rumi Okubo) 

Emilia was the room partner of Hayato at the marine academy! She was originally a Princess from the Gudenberg Empire,  who disguised herself as a guy, Emile Crossfode. She was also a Variant like Hayato. She was a previous acquaintance of Hayato, of which Hayato had blurry memories! Her weapon was the Arms Shroud, which could get converted into any weapon, unlike other Hundreds! She was affectionate towards the male protagonist Hayato, and gradually developed an immense love for him! 

  • Claire Harvey(M.A.O.) 

Claire was the most intelligent and the top-ranking slayer in the City Life marine academy. She was referred to as the “ Queen “ in the series. Upon entering the academy, Hayato was challenged by Claire in their first encounter. She eventually fell in love with Hayato after the hero saved her from the Savages. Her armament was the Dragoon Type, which can change itself into a powerful rifle. 

  • Karen Kisaragi(Kaya Okuno) 

Karen Kisaragi was the sister of Hayato Kisaragi, who was suffering from an illness. Hayato wanted to be a slayer so he could afford top-rated medical treatment for his sister Karen. Karen had a huge interest in tarot cards and was often found engaged with them in the anime series. Upon the first meeting with Emilia, Karen presumed Emilia to be a female. 

  • Sakura Kirishima(Mayu Yoshioka) 

She was shown as an idol in the anime show, who too, like Emilia and Claire, fell for Hayato Kisaragi. She was injected with fluid remnants from defeated Savages and showed resistance towards them. She finally became a Variant and gradually a Slayer. 

Supporting Cast

  1. Liza Havrey(Nichika Omori) 
  2. Liddy Steinberg(Rika Kinugawa) 
  3. Erica Candle(Yui Makino) 
  4. Fritz Granz(Wataru Hatano) 
  5. Latia Saintemilion(Yuka Otsubo) 
  6. Charlotte Dimandias(Miyu Matsuki) 
  7. Meimei(Ayaka Imamura) 
  8. Others 

Crew Of Hundreds Series

  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Writer: Hideki Shirane
  • Musician: Shuhei Naruse
  • Production House: IMS Studios

Now let us take a brief look at the storyline and plot of the anime show! 

Plots And Storyline Of The Hundreds Anime Series

A new mysterious destructive and devastating body emerged on the earth one day, who are popularly known as the “ Savages “. They are the potential Destructors of human life. They came to earth to destroy everything beautiful prevailing in this world of humans. But every negative energy has counterbalancing positive energy, known as “ Hundreds “. They are weapons and ammunition that protect the earth. The individuals who have bestowed the responsibility of protecting humankind have special powers and each has a unique “ Hundred”. They are trained in a marine academy called the “ Little Garden City Ship Academy “.

Hayato Kisaragi, the main character in the show, originally a Variant, always dreamt of becoming a Slayer to afford top-class medical facilities for his ailing and suffering sister, Karen. He also wanted to kill his enemies belonging to the “ Savage “ tribe and protect the earth. 

Upon entering the training Institute, he encountered Emile Crossfode, who later was found to be a Princess from Gudenberg Empire! Emile was his room partner and later became his lover! Hayato develops a vague feeling that he knows Emile from their previous encounter, but could not possibly remember the facts. Later Emily cleared the clouds and exposed herself to Hayato. They both were attacked 10 years ago by the Savages and by luck, both of them managed to escape the villains. The remnants of body fluids from the Savages were present in their systems, which turned them into Variants, giving them resistance and power against Savages. 

Another thunderbolt welcomed Hayato in the martial arts training Institute, namely the Queen or Claire Harvey who challenged Hayato into a duel, which he lost to the Queen. 

Will Hayato ever be able to become a Slayer? Could he afford high-rated medical treatment and care for his beloved sister? Who will defeat the savages and save the earth? The series is an answer to all your questions! 

Hundreds Season 2 Release Date And Big Announcements

The Hundreds anime series was quite liked by the audience. It’s an action-packed drama and a love story that won the hearts of many! Since then, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 2. But, will season 2 release ever? What are the potential reasons for delaying season 2? Will season 2 ever hit the small screen? This section will answer all your questions! 

Till now, there has been no news from the producer or director of the series about the release of season 2. Though there were rumors sometimes back that the series will be back in 2017 or 2018, those were mere speculations and wild guesses by the audiences. There was no truth in such news. Till now, there has been no announcement or news about the renewal or possible comeback of the anime show! 

Possible Reasons Why Hundreds Season 2 Will Never Release

In this section, we will present you with a set of potential reasons why this famous manga adoption series might never release!

  • Though the anime series was liked by many, it did not make a huge profit. Thus, there are negligible chances of the release of season 2.
  • The second possible reason for the closure of this series is that the IMS production house was declared bankrupt in the year 2018. Now, if there is a renewal, a new production house is required! 

But, don’t upset yourself! There are some possibilities of this show returning in the future as well. We will discuss them in the next section. 

Why Hundreds Season 2 Could Possibly Return? 

In this section, we will look at some of the potential reasons as to why there might be a season 2 of the Hundreds anime series! 

  • The total manga consists of 13 chapters, from which only four were used in making season 1. Hence, there are ample materials left for producing season 2.
  • Though season 1 ended with all doubts cleared, and no questions were left to be answered, still, there is the hope of the release of season 2. In season 1, the protagonist, Hayato did not finish all his foes belonging to the Savage group. Thus, there is a small chance that in season 2, Hayato might kill all his existing Savage enemies and restore the peace of the earth. 
  • The return of a series is determined by its overall rating and viewers’ votes! In the case of Hundreds, both viewers’ votes and overall rating are in their favor. Anime lovers are also waiting eagerly for the return of the show. 

Thus, we can expect a return of the show. Though the probability is very low. 

Hundreds Season 2 – Trailer

Currently, there has been no trailer release of Hundreds season 2! There have been no announcements as well from the house of directors or producers about the release of the trailer anytime soon! Thus, we see no chances of trailer release at the moment. 

Final Thoughts And Conclusion 

It would be a matter of extreme joy and happiness for anime lovers if the Hundreds season 2 is released. But, we don’t see any probability of the same. There are no chances at the moment for the renewal of the show. Still, if you want to know more about what happens to Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossfode, we urge you to go and read the light novel series. You can also consider watching season 1 of the manga series Hundreds if you have not watched it till now. We can assure you that it will give you an adrenaline rush with its action and thriller scenes! 

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