10 Best Free Music Download Sites For 2022

Streaming platforms have become more and more mainstream now. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have taken over the scene of how people listen to music and enjoy them. However, despite everything, there are still a percentage of users who very much prefer to download mp3 files of the songs and then listen to them.

Free music download websites are pretty diverse on the internet, but, finding good and reliable ones can be a challenge. Not only do you have to look for good navigation, but you also need to be mindful of the legalities tied to the website.

This post will walk you through the top 10 free music download websites that are worth the time and money.

Top Free Music Download Sites

Music is a form of expression and no one wants to experience unnecessary interruptions along the way. Our list of the best music downloading websites brings you high-quality mp3 files without paying or registering on the platform.

Following is the list of the best music download sites to look into:

1. Bandcamp

People have a very misconstrued outlook about Bandcamp. It is indeed a platform where you can buy physical copies of CDs, vinyl, etc. But the platform also hosts a range of free mp3 files directly uploaded by the artists where you can listen to the songs without paying anything. The website has two distinct categories – free downloads and pays as you like.

Although the library of free music on the platform is quite diverse, discovering good music to download from the website can be a bit of a challenge. We’d recommend that you explore the website thoroughly to find the good songs that you can listen to any time of the day – even offline.

2. The Internet Archive

Isn’t it an amazing concept to have a website where you get just about everything that you wish to download? The same is possible with The Internet Archive. The website was initiated back in 1996 and has been operational since then. It is filled with a diverse range of content, including free music that you can download and listen to. 

The simple search option on the website is easy to use. Also, it is a keyword-based search, which means that you can enter the file name of the song you wish to download and the website will return all the results that it finds. You can then click on one and then download it as per your comfort.

3. Free Music Archive

As the name suggests, Free Music Archive is your one-stop destination for everything related to free music downloads. The website was initially founded in 2009 by WFMU, which is a radio station based out of New Jersey. Since then, FMA has been a popular website for every music lover. Tribe of Noise got FMA a few years later and has introduced a few changes.

However, the website still contains an original archive that you can actively indulge in. Besides free content on the website, there is a separate section for premium content that you can pay for and download. Besides that, you do get a diversity of creative content and projects on the website, which is definitely what you need to pass your time.

4. Beatstars

Another popular free music download website that is worth considering is Beatstars. Unlike the platforms that sell actual songs from the singers, Beatstars primarily hosts producers that sell the beats directly onto the platform. So, you can directly download your favorite songs and free music from the website under the free tag on the website.

Beatstars isn’t a 100% free website, so you have part of the website that is paid. Even Lil Nas X has bought a part of the website, which is quite promising too. If you don’t want to use the website on the desktop, we’d recommend that you access it via their mobile application, which is available on Play Store or App Store.

5. Jamendo Music

For the users looking for a dual platform where you can stream and download your favorite songs, Jamendo Music takes care of all your needs without any complaints or worry. The website is completely legal, which is a reason enough for you to listen to your favorite songs from some of your favorite artists. Everything on the website is licensed, so you won’t have to worry about the quality.

There is a separate content licensing platform, where you have to pay and download the content. However, their free music accessibility is what makes it a better option compared to some of the other competitors in the market.

6. Audiomack

Launched in 2012, Audiomack has been around for quite a few years now and offers a rich library of free music that you can either stream or download to your device. The best part of this website is that it bridges the gap between the artist and their fans, enabling the artists to have a better reach to their target audience. 

Although the website has a free music library, you can also find premium and paid content on the website, where the artists can monetize the songs, they update. The website is consistently growing and diversifying at a rapid rate. If you aren’t comfortable using the desktop website, you can access it via their mobile application.

7. YouTube Audio Library

This isn’t our best recommendation because most of the free and legal downloadable music isn’t songs but instrumentals. However, these are perfect for when you want to enhance your video’s background score and want to make it more approachable. In that case, the library of free songs on this website is pretty amazing and well worth the browse.

They do contain royalty-free content but the website comes with strict regulations. You can’t download and sell the song as a standalone entity. Also, you can’t use music for promoting any kinds of illegal content. But, if you are particularly looking for a free music download website for your creative or commercial fun, we’d recommend this.

8. MuseOpen

Another non-profit website is MuseOpen. It is quite a popular website, especially thanks to the rich library of content that they sport. It was initially launched in 2012 and has since then been a popular free music download website everyone raves about. They include royalty-free music and also support a streaming radio station which you can download your favorite songs from.

The free music library on the website is quite promising; however, we’d recommend that you also keep an eye on the paid content library. You can download up to 5 free songs every day, which is a bummer, especially if you are into songs a great deal. We’d recommend opening the song in Incognito Mode to bypass that issue. The majority of the free music library is targeted toward students and content creators who are looking for free royalty-free music.

9. DatPiff

Remember those high school days with those cheap iPads and music systems and the mixtapes that we listened to? Well, DatPiff makes it possible for you to relive those memories. Besides mixtapes, you can find hip hop songs too. The website is also pretty amazing for discovering new artists and even listening to some of your staple artists in different genres.

So, DatPiff includes both paid and free content on the website, which is a reason enough for you to get started with it. Also, the website does have the signup and registration option. If you don’t register on the website, there are certain limitations that you’d not get access to.

10. Soundcloud

Many users sleep on Soundcloud thinking that the website is only for paid users. That isn’t the case because most of the updated content on the website is available for free. You can download some of your favorite music off of the website without paying a dime for it. 

The website independently hosts over 135 million tracks, which is a testament to the popularity of the platform. Besides already famous singers, you can also discover a lot of up and coming artists on the website and encourage their music and support their journey along the way. You do need to log into the website to access their content.


Listening to music should be a smooth and buffer-free experience. So, if you are looking for reliable free music download sites, we hope this post gives you an idea about some of the best options. Although you can download the mp3 files and listen to the songs for free and offline, we’d always recommend that you never support leaks and piracy. Try to listen to the song from legal sources only.


1. What is the safest way to download free music?

The easiest and safest way to download free music is by downloading it from legal websites. We have sorted all the best options in this post for you to look through.

2. Are all the free music download sites legal?

No, not every free music download sites you come across are legal. Some sources leak songs and even host them illegally on the site. Be aware not to click on them.

3. Is there free music downloading apps?

There are hundreds of music download applications available for both Android and iPhone users on the Play Store and App Store.

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