10 Best FMovies Alternatives in 2022

As human beings, we rejoice in the smallest joys in our lives. Being able to watch movies for free is one of them. Not only do you get to enjoy the best quality movies, but you also get to do it from the comfort of your home while cuddling your favorite pillows. 

FMovies is one such staple online movie streaming website that has become a mainstream name over time. Although the website was functional for quite a few years, FMovies are now banned and restricted in certain countries due to piracy and copyright strikes. 

What used to be a staple and prominent source of entertainment for millions of people has now become obsolete. Does that mean you can’t watch any free movies ever in your life again? Well, that is what the alternatives are here for.

This post will explore the top FMovies alternatives that we think are worth the time and your high-speed internet connection.

Top FMovies Alternatives

FMovies created a very high standard for free movie streaming websites. So, when it comes to the alternatives, finding the right choice can often be a challenge. Don’t worry though because there are quite a few worth looking into.

1. Download Hub

If you are a movie buff and love watching your favorite films without any buffer with offline downloads options, Download Hub is the one for you. From the latest movies and TV shows, you can find just about everything on this website – everything for free. Besides offline viewing with the download option, they have a high-quality streaming choice too. 

You get regular link updates and a responsive website uptime with this one. What this does is ensure that you won’t be stuck trying to wait for ages until the website loads. Also, everything is available for free and there is no need for sign-ups, further securing your personal information and privacy needs.

2. MoviesJoy

Just like FMovies, you can binge-watch all of your favorite and latest movies and TV Shows on MoviesJoy, free of cost and without any sign-up. The interface of the website is quite responsive and features a highly regulated content library without unnecessary fillers. Each movie is categorized under its genres with descriptions and IMDB ratings for easier navigation.

Also, they upload older, retro movies that you won’t find on most of the free movie streaming platforms. And, the best part? Every single upload is in HD resolution. Not once will you have to compromise on the visual quality of the movies that you watch.

3. Movie Tube

Coming to the next choice, we have Movie Tube. From the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies to the live TV and TV shows, there’s nothing that you can’t find on the website. With millions of monthly website visitors, Movie Tube attracts a global audience. You don’t have to worry about pesky ads and getting redirected to sponsored websites when you click on a movie’s thumbnail.

The diversity in the content is another reason behind its popularity. You can navigate through each category and genre of movies and watch from the abundant list of choices. The overall website layout and look are pretty enticing. The dark mode makes watching movies at night very comfortable too.

4. Vumoo

When talking about valid and reliable FMovies alternatives, we can’t miss out on Vumoo. It is one of the few options that feature both streaming and download options for the users. In case you don’t want to watch the movies online, the download option enables you to watch them at a later time. However, since most of their updated content is in HD quality, you will need access to high-speed internet for a seamless download experience.

The pop-up ads on the website can be quite irritating. But, we’d 100% recommend that you don’t pay attention to them. They appear sporadically but they won’t appear when you are streaming the content on the website. Also, each movie and TV show comes with an IMDB rating and the cast and directors to make it easier for you to decide if it’s worth watching or not.

5. Tiny Zone

Despite their name, Tiny Zone hosts an abundance of the latest movies and TV shows. They do have a premium side to the website, where you have to pay to access the exclusive uploads. But, for the most part, all the free titles are definitely worth the time and effort you put into streaming them. Also, each movie is in HD resolution and available in different streaming formats.

The overall user interface of the website is quite minimal and clean, which contributes to a faster page loading speed. Also, the availability of content isn’t restricted by location, so you can access movies in different languages and genres. Users don’t need to sign up for the website as well.

6. YesMovies

Like FMovies, even the primary YesMovies website is banned and restricted in certain countries. However, they do have a lot of proxy and mirror websites that bridge the shortcoming. YesMovies has a very similar website layout and content library to FMovies, so you know for a fact that you won’t regret accessing the website as an alternative.

Also, YesMovies hosts a variety of different TV shows and exclusive web series that are available on most of the paid OTT platforms. They have movies from Japan, France and Italy, besides the mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood movies, which are unique and promising.

7. Onion Play

Although quite a funny name, Onion Play isn’t playing around. It is quite a new movie streaming platform that has already gained a lot of popularity than you can imagine. They host a set of impressive features that are accessed by millions of monthly visitors. Besides its desktop version, the website is mobile-optimized, making it easier for you to access the website without any limitations.

Besides streaming on the website, you get a separate download option too. Also, there are different download formats, including MKV, MP4, etc. So, ideally speaking, we’d recommend that you access the website with high-speed internet for easy navigation.

8. SpaceMov

If you don’t enjoy a lot of ads and limitations, skip this one out. SpaceMov is a free online movie streaming website that stands in competition as an alternative to FMovies. The website does host a lot of pop-up ads and is restricted in certain countries too. We’d recommend that you use an ad-blocker and VPN to bypass those shortcomings.

But, these issues aside, the website has a variety of amazing and trending movies and TV shows that you can individually find and watch for free. They do have a multi-server hosting option, which is again another reason why they aren’t blocked despite multiple copyright strikes.

9. BobMovies

Although BobMovies fails on the ground of abundant content availability, it stands out in terms of the user interface. Not only is it quite interactive, but the website is also filled to the brim with old and new Hollywood movies that you can stream on the platform. They have an advanced search bar to filter out your favorite movie that you wish to watch.

The overall website layout is pretty impressive too. Although the pop-up ads don’t come up when you are streaming the movies, you will find them infiltrating the other parts of the website quite frequently. We’d recommend using an ad-blocker to eliminate those.

10. LookMovie

LookMovie is your last staple in the list of FMovies alternatives. From Hollywood movies to movies in other popular languages, you can find a diversity of content available on the website. Their primary website is banned in certain countries due to copyright strikes, so check if the website is functional where you live.

Besides the popular movies, they have a separate section dedicated to TV shows that are often exclusively available on television networks or OTT platforms. There are filters and categories on the website that support easy navigation too. 


FMovies is no doubt a well-known but pirated movie streaming website. Our intention with this article is to bring awareness to some of the most functional alternatives. So, if you are stuck and confused about which websites to look into, we’d recommend you go through the list. All the options we have mentioned in the list are 100% safe and working right now. So, you can blindly rely on these websites for your daily movie fix without worrying about your security and privacy.


1. Is FMovies a legal website?

The majority of the movies, TV shows and web series uploaded to FMovies is done from third-party sources that aren’t verified. So, the website isn’t legal and is instead a pirated website.

2. Can I watch the latest Hollywood movies on FMovies?

If FMovies is functional where you live, you can access all the latest Hollywood releases. They update their content library quite frequently.

3. Do I need to register on FMovies?

No, FMovies is a 100% free movie streaming website that doesn’t prioritize registrations or sign-ups. You can watch your favorite movies directly by opening the website on your browser.

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