Denzel Washington Surprises Samuel L. Jackson at Governors Awards

Denzel Washington made sure not to use any NSFW words while presenting Samuel L. Jackson with an honorary Oscar at the 12th Governors Awards, this Friday.

Washington, who is Oscar-nominated for the best actor category for his role in “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” broke into a hilarious chuckle when introducing Jackson. Instead of roasting, he decided to raise a toast. 

Washington said that he and Jackson go back so far. During a montage of Jackson’s life, the actor explained how a 12-letter curse word has become a trademark in his career. He revealed that he used the curse word as a tool to stop his stuttering as a child.

Jackson while joking during his acceptance speech said that he enjoyed making impressions on viewers by playing roles in movies like ‘Bum,’ ‘Gang Member No. 2,’ ‘Black guy,’ and ‘Hold-up Man’. His speech gained loud laughter from the crowd.

Jackson received a standing ovation as he walked towards the stage from his table, where he was sitting next to Quentin Tarantino.

Jackson was feted alongside Elaine May, Liv Ullmann, and Danny Glover, at the pre-Oscars ceremony, which was held at the Ray Dolby Ballroom.

Danny Glover was given the humanitarian award. In his acceptance speech, Glover remembered his grandparents, who forced their sons and daughters to go to school in September, instead of letting them pick cotton.  

Glover said that his mother was the first person to graduate in her family and the entire community. He takes his grandparents to be heroic and amazing people who inspired him and his mother. They inspired him to dream harder.

Glover was honored for his advocacy for human rights and justice. While receiving his award, he reminisced about his role in 1968’s Third World Liberation Front strike at the San Francisco State University. It was an important event that led to the development of Black studies as well as the first college of ethnic studies in America. Glover expressed that he is proud to be of that movement.

Bill Murray was in the mood to celebrate his 60-years long career as a director and writer. 

Alfre Woodard praised Glover with his words. He said that Glover builds community wherever he goes. He is always there to help a fellow traveller in darkness. He always does the right thing and doesn’t care about what the public says.

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