Deestroying Net Worth – All the Details About the American YouTuber

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing online video content creation platforms. It is also one of the OG platforms that have brought several content creators and social media personalities the fame that they bestow today. Among all the popular creators is Deestroying.

Deestroying is a renowned and one of the most followed American YouTubers with 4.32 million subscribers and a dedicated fan base. He is based in the United States and acquires millions of videos on each content that he posts.

Deestroying started his YouTube journey back in 2015 and gained steady yet substantial growth over 7 years. If you are intrigued about him, his career, personal life, and net worth scroll down for all the details.

Early Life of Deestroying

Donald De La Haye was born on December 02, 1996 in Limón, Costa Rica to Donald and Sheron De La Haye. The family later shifted to the United States where Donald acquired most of his education from Port St. Lucie High School.

Although Donald or Deestroying shares his life online, he is a very private person when it comes to his family and personal life. There’s not much that is known about his family, siblings, and personal information.

However, a few additional inputs suggest that Deestroying played college football as a kicker at the University of Florida, where he graduated from. One of the reasons why his videos have gained immense popularity is due to the sports-related skills that he demonstrated on the channel.

Donald, along with his family, immigrated from Costa Rica to the United States when he was 7-years old. Following his dedication to his studies and his sports career, Donald joined the University of Centra Florida under a football scholarship. 

Career and Professional Growth

Deestroying is run by Donald De La Haye, and the channel was started in 2015. Although Donald didn’t face any issues initially with his YouTube channel, it was later in 2017 that he was given a choice between his football career and his YouTube channel.

The strike was imposed by NCAA, which asked him to make the choice immediately since making public videos and monetizing them was restricted under NCAA policies. Following a lot of dilemmas, Donald decided to ditch the scholarship and instead chose his social account.

Although Donald started his YouTube career in 2015, it wasn’t until 2017 that he selected to post for the channel more frequently and seriously. Besides general vlogs, Donald also started sharing his unique sports skills on the channel, which gained a lot of popularity among his fanbase.

You can also find a lot of gaming videos and skits on his channel as he is diversifying his content to cater to the likes of a versatile audience. He has collaborated and joined Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts in 2019, which further added to his popularity.

Personal Life of Deestroying

As we mentioned before, Deestroying is an extremely private person when it comes to his personal life. There isn’t much information about his family on the internet, which is something he prioritizes.

However, Deestroying confirmed his relationship with YouTuber Kiana Wudte and the two of them have been quite open and affectionate with each other on their social media profiles.

Besides the 2017 NCAA controversy, Deestroying has a very simple and easy professional life where he keeps away from unwanted controversies and focuses on sharing his life and skills with the audience.

Net Worth of Deestroying

Deestroying has a present net worth of $2.2 million that comes from his YouTube ad revenue, brand sponsorships, collaborations, and the affiliates that he partakes in.

Although not public, Deestroying also earns part of his income through his active investments, which is a steady reason behind his growth.

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