Darker Than Black Season 3 – Release Date, Plot, Storyline, And Much More!

“Darker Than Black “ was an anime series shown during the early 2000s. This mysterious thriller anime was directed by Tensai Okamura and animated by “ Studio Bones”. The first season was aired in April 2007, which consisted of a total of 25 episodes. In 2009, the second season of this popular sci-fi anime was televised in Japan.

Darker Than Black Season 3

Recently, fans are hoping for the release of season 3 of this manga-adapted anime show. But, it’s been years since the first two seasons were released. Will there be any sequel to this famous series? Is there a chance of a remake of this series? What do the director and the studio have to say? Let’s dive straight into them! But, before discussing the potential possibilities of the arrival of a sequel, let us recapitulate a little about its previous episodes.

Darker Than Black Anime Show – Cast

  • Hei (Hidenobu Kiuchi)

Hei, literally meaning “ black”, is a contractor, a person with superpowers. Hei is also known as the “ black reaper “ in his squad. He has the power to generate electricity through his body.

  • Yin (Misato Fukuen)

Yin is portrayed as a “Doll” in the anime series who later bonds with Hei to track anyone through the touch of water. She was a spirit and had psychic abilities.

  • Huang (Masaru Ikeda)

Huang was the captain of Hei’s squad, who hated Hei and Yin initially. But, as the show progresses, Huang is seen to have developed a connection and attachment with his team members over time.

  • Misaki (Nana Mizuki)

Misaki was a police officer in the anime show, Darker Than Black. She had a special place in her heart for Hei, the contractor!

  • Amber (Tomoko Kawakami)

Amber, like Hei, was a contractor, who was a master of her own accord. She was considered a betrayer in the eyes of Hei.

  • Suou Pavlichenko (Alison Viktorin)

Suou and her brother were one of the major characters of the series. Suou changed Hei for the better. She shared a special and warm bond with Hei.

  • April (Takako Honda)

April was an alcoholic, who had the power to brew hurricanes and bring rainfall and storms and downpours! She was a supporter of November 11!

  • Mao (Ikuya Sawaki)

Mao was a member of The Syndicate, who later turned into a cat and then into a flying squirrel as his biological body was disfigured. It was a heartwarming thing to watch his love for his friends in the series!

  • July (Kiyomi Asai)

Just like Yin, July is also a doll, who initially works for The Syndicate and later for Hei, the protagonist of the manga adapted anime show! His hunting ability depends on glass!

Darker Than Black – Storyline And Plot

The story reveals itself with the emergence of two celestial gates- “ The Hell’s Gate” in Japan and “ The Heaven’s Gate” in South America. This attracted the Contractors, also known as the superheroes, who were in charge of investigating the matter of those celestial gates. Nobody had any idea behind the purpose of the emergence of those gates. Thus, individuals with superpowers were assigned to look into the matter. Superpowers are individuals who were blessed with supernatural powers at the cost of their humanity. They are heartless and emotionless people who are cold-blooded murderers. They had exceptional logical and reasoning abilities. Governments utilize their power to murder and kill people which ultimatum leads to war and conflicts. The Hell’s Gate made all the stars from our sky disappear and planted fake stars in place of them, which corresponds to one contractor. But, suddenly the Hell’s gate disappeared, leading to a possibility of the destruction of the contractors.

What will happen next? Who are the contractors? What is their connection with The Syndicate?

DTB – Season 1

In season 1, we could see Hei, a contractor, who is a human being with superpowers, is in charge of investigating the mysteries surrounding The Hell’s Gate. This search mission leads to dark and cheerless days in Tokyo! A battle starts in which the United States loses its power to a mystical organization named The Syndicate, of which Hei was a member. The captain of Hei’s team is Huang, who commands his team members about their assassination duties. But, he does not like Hei, and avoids working with him.

In season 1, we could even find a female lead of the series, known as Yin, who was an artificial human or “Doll”. She was the spiritual medium and her duty was to track targets using the touch of water. Both Hei and Yin were in love with each other. Season 1 ends with Hei and Yin betraying The Syndicate and fleeing away from the mysterious organization.

DTB – Season 2

Season 2 starts with Hei and Yin running from The Syndicate and meeting Suou Pavlichenko, who is Russian by origin, living with his father and brother Shion. Shion develops supernatural powers which turn him into a Contractor, just like Hei. Hei attacks Suo’s family, hoping to recover a magical stone. He kills Suo’s father and mistakenly attacks Suo, thinking she is Shion, as both were identical twins. But Suo somehow escaped from Hei and revealed his location. This led to the Ministry of External Affairs and Communications finding Hei, and indulging in a fight with him! But, luckily fights back with Section 3 and gains victory over them, but he is confined in a place that reduces his superpowers. Mao somehow rescues Suo, and they flee away from Section 3!

Suo turned into a Contractor, but she possessed human-like qualities as well! Hei brings July to search for Yin and Shion. Shion is considered as Izanagi, the male partner of Izanami. Everybody made sure that Shion ( Izanagi) and Izanami do not reconcile, as it might lead to disaster and catastrophe. Sui finally meets his brother, Shion, who was the creator of a replica of earth, where people could reside stress-free from the clutches of Izanami. After Shion was killed, Suo’s subconscious self and July were shifted to the newly created earth, where they lived happily ever after!

In the final episode, Hei is found to regain her superpowers, and faces Izanami, saving her from the American military. Hei is last seen with Yin, who wanted Hei to kill her. Hei is last seen walking with Yin’s body. It is not so clear what happened ultimately with Yin and Hei.

Darker Than Black Season 3 – Release Date And Trailer

There is no news from the director Okamura or the animation studio, Bones about the release of Darker Than Black Season 3 anytime soon. Though anime fans are high on their hopes, there is still no assurance from the director’s side.

Why Darker Than Black Season 3 Would Never Happen?

  1. It might dishearten many anime fans, but the fact is there is no point in investing money in producing an anime series that was last released a decade ago. The franchise is too old for the series to make a new season.
  2. The creators would need a whole new cast and crew members. Additionally, though the previous episodes were loved by many, it was not profitable enough. Thus, there is no guarantee that a  remake of this entire series will be profitable.
  3. The show ended with a proper explanation of each scene, leaving no questions or doubts on the audiences’ part. Thus, there is no place for further clarification in season 3.

Darker Than Black Season 3: Release Date

Though there were some rumors that the director and the animation house discussed the revival of the series, still there is no confirmation or announcement from their side. So, it is evident that there are no chances of the return of this anime show in near future. Moreover, director Okamura has left Studio Bones, thus there are fewer chances of a remake. But, fans could find a little relief as there are chances of a total reboot of this famous series, but again, the probability is very low.

Darker Than Black Season 3: Trailer

The trailer for Season 3 has not yet been released. Fans are saying that the show can revive in 2025, on its 25th anniversary, thus, we can expect a trailer around that time. We can expect clarification on certain parts of the show like what finally happened to Yin and what is the status of Hei and Yin’s relationship. Fans are even expecting the introduction of new characters to the series! But as of now, there is no news on the director’s part. You can still watch Season 1 and Season 2 if you haven’t yet!


There is no doubt that “Darker Than Black “ was a popular show among anime fans and lovers. Fans and admirers are signing petitions to bring back the show, but there is still no response from the creators. Fans are just hanging upon with a little ray of hope to watch their favorite anime show again.

It is also evident that anime lovers would be excited and elated if Season 3 is announced, but there are no chances of such announcements lately. Though we can hope for some good news, there is yet no confirmation on the same. If you have still not watched this anime series, please consider watching it once. Who knows, you might fall in love with its thrilling experiences and mysteries.

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