Is Season 2 Of Citrus Anime Releasing Soon? Know All About Its Plot & Release Date

Citrus was one of the obsessive Yuri anime we watched since we were waiting for the girls to fall in love the entire time. It was a fantastic anime, and I’m sure you wished for more seasons. So, is the Citrus season 2 release date set in stone? Or has it been canceled? In this article, we’ll go over all of the specifics as well as the potential.

Season 2 Of Citrus Anime

Is The Release Date Confirmed?

Citrus Season 2’s release date has yet to be officially verified, and while you may have seen some confirmed release dates here and there, they aren’t fully legitimate. The number of seasons for an anime show is chosen at the start of the production, according to the producer in an interview. Only if the first season exceeds their expectations will they reconsider and produce the second season.

Citrus, unfortunately, did not produce the intended results, and it will most likely not be repeated. We could be mistaken, considering some anime shows received second and third seasons despite having a poor first season. However, based on Studio Passione’s previous efforts, they primarily create one season before moving on to other projects. This could be another hint that Citrus will not have another season.

If you want to read Citrus manga from where the anime ended, you can begin with Chapter 16. It is the final chapter of the anime and contains several different situations, so it is best to begin there. However, we would encourage you to read it from beginning to end for three key reasons:

  • As you progress through the chapters, you’ll notice a shift in the quality of the art.
  • You’ll feel more connected to the character and admire their lesbian relationship even more.
  • The anime wasn’t the finest adoption because several sections in the manga feel extremely different.

If you don’t have a reliable manga reading source, we provide a fantastic alternative for you. You can read the Citrus manga on Amazon Kindle because it provides an excellent reading experience, has no advertisements, and allows you to support the creators. So, the bottom line of this is that the second season of Citrus anime may never be released. As previously stated, we could be mistaken, and we can only hope that our presumption is incorrect.

Passione maintained an active studio after the completion of Citrus, working on a variety of projects such as High School DxD Hero, Z/X Code Reunion, and Interspecies Reviewers. Mieruko-chan, their most recent project, is set to premiere in October 2021.

What Do We Know About Season 1?

Citrus Season 1 comprised a total of 12 episodes that covered four volumes of the manga. The manga is divided into ten tankobon volumes. Citrus season 1 finished three years ago, yet the show’s studio, Passione, has failed to renew it for a second season. Furthermore, Passione studio is recognized for only producing one season at a time. 

Citrus Season 1 consists of four volumes; however, there are 10 manga volumes, leaving six volumes available for Season 2. Citrus has more than enough manga content for a Season 2 to come. There is also Citrus, which explains various aspects of the anime and provides context for specific occurrences. Even though Citrus Season 2 has material, Citrus Season 1 did not receive a positive reception in terms of merchandise, DVD and Blu-ray sales, and viewer ratings, which may discourage the studio from producing another season.

What’s In Season 2?

Right now, there are still volumes of manga that have not been covered by the anime. If Season 2 were to be released, the plot would most likely follow the manga volumes following Citrus manga volume 4. Citrus Season 2 has sparked a flurry of conversation and messages on social media among citrus lovers. They’re waiting for Season 2 with bated breath. They are anticipating the release of Citrus Season 2 because they believe that the finale of Citrus Season 1 did not settle anything and that the anime will benefit from another season to provide a suitable conclusion. They claim that Citrus has garnered enough popularity to warrant a Season 2 and that Citrus also has enough source material to produce a Season 2.

Currently, the prospects of a Citrus Season 2 appear to be slim unless there is a sudden surge in fan demand for another season, which could create a slim opportunity for another season. Passione Studio has also not been renewed for a second season. Season 2 may be continued by the creators; it may be released in the future. Citrus will launch Season 2 if there is an unexpected surge in demand. Citrus season 1 covered manga till volume 4, therefore Season 2 will most likely pick up where Season 1 left off. If this is right, the season will cover Suzuran, Harumi’s, and Yuzu’s arcs.

Plot & StoryLine

Yuzu confesses her feelings to Mei at the end of Season 1, and Mei tells her indirectly that she loves her back. Both characters discuss dating each other while holding hands. Mei has been unable to express her sentiments during Season 1. However, as she spends more time with Yuzu, she will get more at ease with her, and the viewers will be able to see a more open and emotional side of Mei.

Mei and Yuzu will continue to have awkward sexual encounters with each other as they learn more about their sexuality. Because they have such opposing personalities, there will be some drama and fights between them in Citrus Season 2. Love triangles and other romantic complications abound throughout Yuzu and Mei’s romance.

Mei eventually ventured to inform Yuzu about her genuine sentiments at the conclusion of season one. Yuzu’s inability to reply honestly made their friendship uneasy. The show has a fascinating, though little contentious, plot. It tells the tale of characters Yuzu and Mei, 2 girls who meet and fall in love with each other while spending hours in a girl’s school. 

Fancy Yuzu remembered the first day of her new school differently after her mother remarried. She had no idea it was a tutored and very strict institution. As a result, instead of her lovely high school crush, she gets into a fight with Mei, the head of the school council. Mei is her younger half-sister. And she’ll discover that hate and love aren’t so far apart. Unable to live with the situation as it is, Yuzu finds a new beginning, her sexual side, and learns more about Mei.

Latest News

Unfortunately, Citrus was panned by many viewers, and the anime was not well received by fans. It sold very little merchandise, and only 1342 copies of DVDs and Blu-rays were sold. Citrus had a rating of 6.49 from users, indicating that the anime did not receive a positive response from the audience.

Currently, there have been no updates or even rumors concerning Citrus Season 2 so far. Saburo Uta has also given no hints about Season 2. There has been no official mention of a Citrus Season 2 release date or whether one will be released at all.


The first season was filled with high stakes, love triangles, mixed emotions, and diversions. Mei ultimately admitted her genuine sentiments by the conclusion of the season. Unfortunately, Yuzu was unable to react effectively, resulting in an embarrassing situation. Yuzu will be able to pursue their connection further in the second season by consenting to their sentiments.

Anime enthusiasts should keep in mind, however, that adaptations are frequently made in order to boost attention and revenue to the source material. While it might be a good way to increase sales for a manga/light novel series, making anime adaptations can be very expensive. As a result, studios frequently take a number of calculated risks before deciding to broadcast a new anime season. But, on the other hand, great fan demand is usually a terrific motivator to take that risk. Consider the films One-Punch Man and Full Metal Panic.

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