Chris Watts Now? Where is He, Complete Update: Incarceration and Life Behind Bars


In this comprehensive article, we delve into the current status of Chris Watts, exploring his life behind bars, his charges, daily routine, and personal transformation. From his location to his daily activities, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of where Chris Watts is now.

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Chris Watts: Life Behind Bars

Incarceration at Dodge Correctional Institution

Chris Watts, a name synonymous with a heinous crime, now resides within the walls of the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. This maximum-security facility is where he serves his sentence, cut off from the world he once knew.

Transfer from Colorado to Wisconsin

Watts was initially held in a Colorado prison before being transferred to Wisconsin. This transfer, prompted by security concerns and administrative decisions, has placed him in an environment far from his earlier location.

The Charges Against Chris Watts

The legal ramifications of Chris Watts’ actions resulted in a complex set of charges that reflect the gravity of his crimes.

Counts of First-Degree Murder

Watts faced five counts of first-degree murder, each associated with the tragic loss of a family member. These charges highlight the horrific nature of his actions and the profound impact on multiple lives.

Unlawful Termination of a Pregnancy

Among the charges, one pertained to the unlawful termination of a pregnancy, further underscoring the tragic consequences of his choices.

Tampering with Deceased Human Bodies

In addition, Watts faced three counts of tampering with deceased human bodies, a chilling reminder of the events that unfolded within his family home.

A Glimpse into Watts’ Daily Life

The Daily Routine

Life for Chris Watts now revolves around a strict daily routine. He spends a staggering 23 hours a day in lockdown, confined to a cell that serves as his world. However, this routine also includes limited moments of interaction with the outside world.

Restricted Activities

Watts’ physical activities are highly restricted. He is granted a mere one-hour window each day to either shower or exercise. This stark contrast to his prior life serves as a constant reminder of the consequences of his actions.

Possessions Within His Cell

Within the confines of his cell, Watts is only allowed to possess a Bible and photographs of the family he tragically took away from the world. These items stand as stark symbols of the life he once had.

Personal Transformation and Reflection

Finding Religion

While behind bars, it’s reported that Chris Watts found solace and redemption in religion. He reportedly engages with scriptures, reading them aloud to the memory of his wife and daughters—a reflection of a profound personal transformation.

Custodial Job

As a part of his daily routine, Watts has a custodial job within the prison. This job not only occupies his time but also offers him a sense of purpose and responsibility.


Q1: Is Chris Watts still incarcerated?

Yes, Chris Watts is currently incarcerated at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.

Q2: Can Chris Watts interact with other inmates?

While he’s in a maximum-security environment, limited interactions with other inmates are possible during designated times.

Q3: How has Chris Watts changed during his time in prison?

Watts has reportedly found religion, leading to a transformation in his personal beliefs and daily practices.

Q4: Can Chris Watts’ family visit him in prison?

Family visits are subject to prison regulations. While contact with his family is possible, it’s governed by strict guidelines.

Q5: Is Chris Watts eligible for parole?

Chris Watts is not eligible for parole due to the nature of his convictions.

Q6: How has the public’s perception of Chris Watts changed?

The public continues to grapple with the shocking nature of his crimes, leading to varied perceptions of Chris Watts.


The tragic events that led to Chris Watts’ incarceration continue to evoke a range of emotions and questions. From his location in the Dodge Correctional Institution to his daily routine and personal transformation, his story serves as a reminder of the consequences of one’s actions. As time goes on, society continues to grapple with the complex issues surrounding this case.

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