Titan series, Book II

Renee Field

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A plague threatens his kingdom but one kiss could rule his heart... 

Kassandra grew up with myths of Titans and Sirens thanks to her father, but never did she imagine one of these mythological creatures would pop out of an ancient book she discovered in the library. Darius is unlike any man she’s known. He’s commanding but loyal to his family and he shows her a secret power she never knew she possessed. When he claims to need her help, Kassandra vows to use her special talents to help. 

Darius is a Titan of the sea, trapped inside a book for a decade when he left his home on a mission to save his world. He’s on a deadly time crunch and fears the plague, which had been destroying his undersea kingdom has spread in his absence, and is forced to bring along Kassandra, knowing it could very well put her life in jeopardy. 

Forced to find magic relics that could end the plague, Darius comes face-to-face with the decision of a lifetime. Let Kassandra drown or give her the kiss of life which will turn her into a Siren and bound her to him for eternity. 

But one kiss can’t change the woman. Darius must learn to trust in Kassandra’s abilities if he’s going to find a cure for his undersea kingdom, all the while trying to avoid being captured and leading them both into a fate worse than death. 

“Kassandra will find herself in a life or death sitution -literally, when it finally dawns on her what Darius really is... a Titan. Kassandra was told stories about these mythical creatures by her father and she is quite knowledgeable about all the legends, knowledgeable to figure out Darius in not a human and that somehow she has mangaged to get herself involved in his personal dramas, and she has also managed to begin caring about him. This is what eventually leads her to that life and death situation. When Darius almost dies, it's Kassandra that gets him the help he needs, but she will pay a very heavy price for saving his life. This book as a little of everything fantastical. Mermen, mythology, sirens, and tons of undersea dramas.”

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About Renee Field

Raised in a small fishing community on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Renee grew up with the mysticism and allure of the sea. She later channeled that lure and search for the unknown to pursue a history degree at Dalhousie University and later a journalism degree at Ryerson Polytechnical University.

From a young naval reservist, to radio reporter, editor, and freelance writer for the local papers, she’s been able to combine her passion of writing with “what ifs” to create her own magical undersea kingdom in the first of a series of Titan books.

Today, Renee spends most of her time raising her three own vivacious Titans, along with one cute little Siren with her soul-mate and devoted husband.

She is also an...

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Drowning was not a painful way to die. The power of the sea, once it claimed a victim, thankfully did it with a loving caress. Eventually the pressure of the water would cause her heart to stop and that would be it. Kassandra would be dead. That thought sobered him into action. Without thought, relying on instinct, he swam after her. Grasping her ankle he yanked her into his embrace. She fought him as he had expected. Pulling her in tighter so she couldn’t thrash around he did what his heart desired – he kissed her for all he was worth. The brek’ah, the kiss of life, was not to be taken lightly. It was the one and only gift a Titan or Siren could give. Once given, a part of their essence was forever tied to that person. Once that person died, so did they. Darius deepened the kiss. Forcing her head back while breathing into her mouth, he willed a part of his essence to fill her. He prayed he was doing the right thing. The words ingrained into his being since the beginning of time rolled around in his head. He wanted to shout them out to the sea, but he couldn’t. He had to continue kissing her until she was able to kiss him back. Then and only then would he be sure she was safe. Continuing to breathe into her, he felt the exact moment when awareness rushed through her. Her hands clasped his head and she returned his kiss greedily. Knowing this was the time, he released her mouth and unclasped her arms from his head. The simplicity of the ancient words rolled off his tongue. “You are mine for all of time. Neither sea nor land will separate thee from me!” He roared the words into the water. He felt the power of the sea claim him, filling him up with a renewed sense of energy. Then Kassandra’s screams of agony sliced through the waters. All he could do was grit his teeth. The transformation was one thing she had to complete on her own, but Darius felt as if he might die simply from the pain of watching it. Grab your copy Kindle Best seller paranormal romance visit StoryFinds Daily Page today.

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