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Wyoming Territory, 1885. On a train in the middle of nowhere, a young woman suddenly collapses. Fellow passenger Dr. Robert Devlin, a widower traveling with his five-year-old daughter, responds immediately to the medical emergency. What he finds when he examines his new patient both shocks and outrages him, and soon he is tangled up in her no-way-out, life-or-death plight.

Teresa Rutledge has taken her toddler son and run for their lives. Fleeing her wealthy, cruelly abusive husband, knowing there is nowhere they will be safe for long, she is at the end of her strength and at the end of her rope.

Determined to protect Tess and her child, Rob takes them home to his sister, Annie, and her husband, former cavalry Captain Michael Cantrell. As Tess regains her health, she and Rob fall passionately in love. But she is trapped in a brutal marriage, and on a desperate flight from a powerful, violent man determined never to let her go.

“Lorrie Farrelly has created characters that are so real and a story that captured me from the very first page. TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT has so much - suspense, drama, historical romance.”

“A powerful story. It incorporates love, danger, and excitement, with a soupcon of the paranormal.”

“TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT reads like an epic novel. A historical romance that provides plenty of suspense and drama, along with a twist of supernatural flair makes for a page-turning read. The author easily pulls readers back to the days when people traveled by train or stagecoach, and when the west was still far from tame...The characters are solid, too. So much more than just another historical love story, there is a richness in detail. The author is a true wordsmith, choosing her words to describe the situation without dwelling on the darkness of spousal abuse. While this book is the second in a series, the author provides enough background information that it can easily be read as a stand-alone work.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance that has so much more, action, adventure, intrigue, and intensity.”

About Lorrie Farrelly

A Navy brat and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, LORRIE FARRELLY is proud to be a Fightin' Banana Slug. Following graduate school at Northwestern University, she began a career in education that included teaching art to 4th graders, drama to 8th graders, and finally, math to high school students.

She's a three-time winner on "Jeopardy!", has shepherded wide-eyed foreign exchange students along Hollywood Blvd, and has happily curried and shoveled as a ranch hand at Disneyland's Circle D Ranch. And always, she writes.

Lorrie has won a Presidential Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. She's been a Renaissance nominee for Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the Orange Rose Award in...

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