The Fourth Awakening Chronicles I

Rod Pennington

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Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Penelope Drayton Spence has been hired by two of the world’s richest men to track down and interview enlightened people who may have arrived at the Fourth Awakening. The problem, as fast she can locate a potential candidate, they have a nasty habit of mysteriously vanishing. 

These “Chronicles” are written in the "Serial Novel" format Charles Dickens famously used for the “Pickwick Papers” and many of his later books. It is also the format magazines such as “The Saturday Evening Post” made popular not that long ago. A new Chronicle will be available every two to three months. 


The goal of each Chronicle is to present an Enlightened “Archetype,” and explore its characteristics. While each Chronicle is a stand-alone episode that can be read independently, it is a part of a much larger and continuing story which is easier to understand and follow if it is read in sequential order. 

In “Chronicles I” we meet a professional gambler in Las Vegas, Daniel Wooten. He is a middle-aged, confirmed bachelor with no religious moorings. Wooten has never meditated, hasn’t been in a church in decades and hadn’t shown the slightest interest in his spiritual side until the moment he found himself enlightened. 

“Rod Pennington has opened up a new genre in my opinion. With his Fourth Awakening books he has used his compelling writing style to make reading about esoteric ideas simply fun to read. While this is basically a short story that leads into the next installment, once I got my head around the idea of the old school pulp fiction magazine style, I simply enjoyed what he's offered up. After finishing, I couldn't wait for the Facebook notice of the next installment being available.”

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