The Art of Enchantment

Book 1 of the Life is a Journey series

M A Clarke Scott

$2.99 on Kindle

Chatelaine Grand Prize Winner

Ecstasy is the only thing on Clio’s mind.  Specifically, ecstasy as portrayed in the Renaissance art of Italy. Clio is a shy art history doctoral student, clinging to her last chance at achieving the college degree of her father’s dreams, when she meets fast-living, sexy Italian architect Guillermo. They come from two different worlds, but share a deep passion for history and beauty.

Clio can’t resist being drawn into Guillermo’s problems when his family’s beautiful ancestral villa is at risk of being sold to an American rap star who will carelessly destroy it’s rich culture, history and artistry.

She tries to keep it professional and fights the urge to surrender to his smoldering seduction. Guillermo is exactly the type of man Clio’s experience has taught her to avoid, and by getting involved with him and his villa, she stands to lose much more than her precious Ph.D.

Can Clio juggle her PhD thesis, a too-hot-to-handle romance, and rescue a priceless piece of history or will everything end in disaster?

“Want to read a book where the plot crafted in a way that has a grip on your heart, tears in your throat and laughter on your lips? Then this is the book for you. Who doesn't love romance, art history, and family? The plots twists and tension kept me reading well into the night. The Author M A Clarke Scott gives the reader a run for their money. And if you love Italian then you are in high heaven. Unfortunately I don't speak . . . I can't translate Italian - so some of the phrases were lost to me. Makes me want to learn the language. The passion, literally and figuratively, in this book [have to read it to understand that statement best] is well written. Doesn't hurt a bit that strong realistic characters fill this novel from beginning to end”

“The heroine, Clio, is a smart woman. She's working on her Phd in Italy when her car goes off the road and she is rescued by a passionate Italian man. There are sparks between them, but also vastly different approaches to life. Clio is a serious, buttoned up scholar, who has wrapped her own passion up in ideas and theories. Her sizzling lover is a playboy, never settling down, never risking too much. Clarke Scott brings Italy to life in vivid and glorious detail so that I feel as if I've walked through the villa and trailed my fingers over the flowers in the garden. She has also told a modern, evocative and intelligent love story about opening up, taking risks and what falling in love can do to transform a life. Bravo. Loved it”

About M A Clarke Scott

M A Clarke Scott’s early loves included two things: books and art. In her world view, blank white pages, canvasses and even blank white walls, were begging for her creations. Neither of these passions have waned, despite all the other adventures she’s had in the meantime. She wrote her first romance novel at the age of nine, but soon abandoned both writing and drawing for a career in architecture, then an academic career in environmental gerontology. Tiring of both, and still none the richer, she has returned to her first loves, writing and art. She writes about young women on journeys abroad who discover themselves and fall in love while getting embroiled in someone else’s problems… and professional women struggling to balance the...

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