JM Guillen

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Elizabeth Shepherd is a dead woman.

Not even her uncanny powers can save her now.

On the run from an eldritch horror and an unfortunate promise, Liz has finally gone too far. Hunted by an otherworldly, shape-stealing dread, she careens across the countryside in a desperate attempt to free herself from a deal gone sour.

For a time, she finds safety with a her old gaming group, hiding out at a role playing convention. However, when mysterious cabals with motives unknown, summoned outsiders, and other creatures of dark magic jump in the mix, Liz doesn't think her situation could get any worse.

She couldn't be more wrong.

Before she knows it, Liz has reneged on yet another promise, one she made to her elusive hedge wizard mentor. He always warned her that using her command over the wind would attract the wrong kind of attention; yet she has few choices. Whether creating compacts with an angelic choir of Watchers, riddle-dueling with one of the wild fae, or standing against a legion of arachnid-wolf nightmares, such things only respect one thing: power.

They certainly don't want to role play with her.

As Liz faces inhuman miscreations that haunt her every turn, she discovers things are far darker than she believed.

It's possible that nothing Liz believes about herself is true.

“This book is guaranteed* to give you superpowers. *not a guarantee”

JM Guillen

About JM Guillen

Novelist, weird fiction writer, and future ruler of the Earth. 

JM Guillen is not your average writer of odd things. He is the half-mad constructor of "The Paean of Sundered Dreams", a puzzle of a story that weaves together realms of steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction. 

In his spare time, he summons strange things from beyond the stars, and never rues the day.

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