Across the Water

Tales of the Human Heart

Phil Harvey

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Award-winning author Phil Harvey has said, “We rarely recognize the extent to which human happiness requires struggle.” Love and the relationships it spawns—with children, for parents, among friends, and between neighbors—are addressed in a moving collection that explores emotional struggle. From headline-breaking issues to everyday jealousies and acts of tenderness, Harvey’s stories offer a nuanced journey into the human heart.

Includes Roberta’s River, which was nominated for the 2003 Pushcart Prize, and Voyeur, which is featured in his novel Show Time.

“Across the Water by Phil Harvey is a collection of stories that will wow readers. Each indivdual story has its own tale that will tug at readers' hearts. A tale that might show you love, hope, and kindness. Each emotion is captured and lures readers deep into the realistic characters' lives. Every characters brings his or her own struggles and fears. Readers will feel like they are not just reading it, but actually experiencing every scene as though they were really there. Readers can easily connect and relate to every beautiful tale, inside this collection. Absolutely amazing the wonders of human nature, that Phil Harvey has so brilliantly written for his readers. Each page is like a photo, and we all know a photo is like a thousand words. I loved reading these pieces and look forward to reading more by this talented writer, in the future. Overall, I highly recommend Across the Water to readers everywhere. ”

About Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey’s fiction has appeared in over a dozen literary magazines including Phantasmagoria, The MacGuffin, Natural Bridge, and the Dos Passos Review. His short story Roberta’s River was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and Bait and Switch won an award from Antietam Review. The author’s latest releases, three collections of short stories, examine the important moments when people touch something at their own core or at the core of their relationships with others. Currently he is working on more stories about the transformative capacities of alcohol and sex. 

Show Time, his first novel, was hailed by the Washington Independent Review of Books as “a psychological thriller that takes reality shows, and in fact much of our...

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