Spontaneous Combustion

Billionaire Cruise

Barbara Kurtz

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Charlamaine Mays enjoys the perks of her affluent position as yacht hostess while cruising the Caribbean with a party of billionaires only half the weekends a year. It isn't until her lover, John Johnson, expresses his concern regarding her employer's potentially ill-gotten wealth that her suspicions are aroused.

John Johnson never suspects his career as CEO of an academy award winning movie studio won't last forever. But when he must search for a new line of work, the surprise is where fate takes him and, ironically, how important his new line of work is to his partner, Charlamaine Mays.

Graciela Perez is determined to prove her capability to her drug kingpin boss. With her background in martial arts and her skill in covert investigation, uncovering the snitch in the drug cartel will be an easy task...or so she thought.

“Sexy action adventure.”

About Barbara Kurtz

I live in southern California with my husband. I approach writing first as an observer of human nature, then as a storyteller. I love to watch the rain when I'm indoors, warm and cozy. I love desserts, all and any, and experimenting with recipes to add more flavor and less girth. I enjoy exercise and learning about various neighborhoods in my town while walking through them. My favorite type of person has an innate sense of humor and does not toot their horn. I love visiting my son and his family and wished we lived closer to one another.

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