Jacqueline Druga

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The population pushes ten billion people. The future is bleak. Scientists have determined that if the population continues at its current rate of acceleration, global resources will be depleted in a generation. 

Earth’s sixth extinction does not include the human race. Something needs to be done. 

In an attempt to control and decrease population, a mutated form of the measles is released. As a precaution, an assurance plan is placed in motion. 

A sampling of mankind is hidden away in a protective bunker, placed in stasis where they will sleep through the entire event. They are set to awaken one year later to a perfectly balanced world. 

Not all goes as planned. 

Sadly, only a few survive the stasis process. 

Nora Lane and Jason Rudolph are two of those who survive. When they wake, like the other survivors, neither of them remember how they got there and why. 

All they know is they must get out. 

A countdown clock on the door winds down to something. 

They are ill-prepared for what they will face when that door opens.

“I find that there are plenty of reviewers that will explain the details of the story. I would rather tell about my experience than let out any of the mystery of the story. I am a longtime fan of this writer. I have several of her books that I have enjoyed more than others. This story has many components that I like. It has a mystery and unknown factor that made me want to know what will happen next. I've read so many books that I have a difficult time getting lost in the story. This story kept me engaged and wondering. I was surprised at a few points but I always wanted more. I am not someone who gets annoyed with grammar but I did see a few mistakes. To me this was a minor irritant several times, but I know that some find this a deal breaker. The other issue that I had was I thought the ending was too fast. I enjoyed the build up and story. This author built a world that I did not want to end. I wanted to see more of it. I wanted to experience more of what happened and the people. This was a pleasure to escape into and relax on for an afternoon.”

“From the very start this story captured my attention. This is an excellent read!!!!! Hoping for a sequel to see where the story goes from here. Great book!!!”

“I loved this book....once again Ms Druga has done it. I loved the story, I loved the characters. Most of all, I loved the suspense. I was able to let my imagination guide me... Excellent story!! ”

About Jacqueline Druga

Jacqueline Druga is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. She is a prolific writer and filmmaker. Her published works include genres of all types, but favors post-apocalypse and apocalypse writing. Currently she is in production of her third full-length feature film in which she has written and is producing.

A single mother of four, Jacqueline is also a musician. She resides in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with her family. Of all her accomplishments, Jacqueline is most proud of being a grandmother. Her grandchildren reside with her and are the light of her life.


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