River's Bend

Charlsie Russell

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Thirty years following the War Between the States, a handsome stranger comes to Mississippi and marries an unwanted beauty in exchange for a now decrepit antebellum home steeped in lurid history and rumored to hold the secret to a fortune in missing Yankee gold. Mystery, suspense, and romance that will keep the lights on and the pages turning until the final mystery is solved. River's Bend is the 2012 winner of the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group's Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the romance category, and is a finalist in the mystery category of Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards.

“ For fortune and fame in the antebellum south, there are those who won't play by the rule to get at it. River's Bend is a historical mystery from Charlsie Russell as [s]he crafts a story of murder and deception, sour deals of real estate, and a good dose of romance, it's a riveting novel with plenty of twists and turns that makes for a hard to put down read. River's Bend is a fine addition to any historical fiction community library collection.”

About Charlsie Russell

Charlsie Russell is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and is a retired United States Navy Commander turned author. She loves reading, she loves history, and she loves the South. She focuses her writing on historical fiction set in her home state of Mississippi.

After seven years of rejection, she woke up one morning and decided she did not have enough years left on this planet to sit back and hope a New York publisher would one day take a risk on her novels. Thus resolved, she expanded her horizons into the publishing realm with the creation of Loblolly Writer’s House. Four years after the first printed copies of The Devil’s Bastard hit the bookstore shelves, she expanded her formats to include the growing digital...

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