Murder in Cottage #6

Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1

Dianne Harman

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A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery from Amazon All Star Author - Dianne Harman. 

Liz Lucas, a 52 year old widow, is beginning to think she’s been given a second chance at life by owning a successful spa located in a beautiful forest area on the coast north of San Francisco. 

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, discovering that a guest staying in cottage #6 at the spa has been murdered. 

In order to save the spa’s reputation, Liz, along with her two dogs, Brandy Boy and Winston, sets out to find the killer. The cast of characters includes a handyman, spa employees, the bumbling police chief, the owner of Gertie’s Diner, the dead woman’s husband (the mayor), his girlfriend, and a Tiffany glass collector. One of them probably committed the crime, but it’s up to Liz to quickly find the culprit. 

Dianne is the author of two best-selling series - the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series and the Coyote Series. This is the first book in her new “Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series.” Her books have won numerous honors, and she has been recognized by Amazon as one of its best-selling authors. 

“Super new series. I can't wait for the next installment. I look forward to seeing these new characters fleshed out as they find new mysteries to solve. One thing that gave me pause was the technique of presenting the lead character's thoughts in italics and the first person while the rest of the book is in the third person. It took me a bit of time to adjust to that, but overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable first in a series.”

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About Dianne Harman

Dianne Harman draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, leaving that industry and opening two yoga centers, where she taught yoga and certified yoga instructors. Dianne has traveled extensively throughout the world, most recently dividing her time between Huntington Beach, California and Sacramento, California, where her husband was a Senator.

An avid reader, Dianne brings the richness of her life experiences to her suspense series, The Coyote Series, and her cozy mystery series, Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, and High Desert.

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