The Last Scribe Prequels Box Set

R. Lee Walsh

$4.99 on Kindle

Five Star Readers Favorite Epic New Fantasy Series

According to actual documents hidden in the Apocrypha, an ancient race of immortal beings known as Irin roam the Earth. Impervious to aging, illness and mortal injury, they wage a continuous war against those who would threaten the survival of mankind by corrupting the natural order. While ever present, they prefer to remain unseen in order to freely move among us. Those who are seen are easily overlooked and immediately forgotten. Walk down any street in the world and you will pass at least one Irin. Depending on the threat or situation, sometimes many.

After nearly seven thousand years and countless battles against those they once called brothers, the Irin are preparing for one final war. The stakes are no less than world domination--only the outcome will be decided by one extraordinary human girl.

Prequels to The Last Scribe Trilogy, this collection of three novellas offers readers a fast-paced and exciting glimpse at the major players in The Last Scribe as well as the fascinating history behind the Irin and their struggle to protect mankind from monsters that have long remained hidden in our world.

“Thoroughly enjoyed these three novellas. They were a fun quick read that kept me wanting more. Well done R. Lee Walsh - well done”

“I am counting this book as one of the best fantasy stories I've read in 2014, in fact in the top 3, and I've read them in hundreds! The story is exciting, engaging and full of suspense to keep you turning the pages. This is what I call a real page-turner. ”

“I was a huge fan of the The Last Scribe so I decided to pick up these prequels as well. I got to say they do not disappoint. They are action packed and keep you on edge throughout every page turn. I really like how it leads up so easily to The Last Scribe. R. Lee Walsh did an outstanding job”

About R. Lee Walsh

R. Lee Walsh is an artist, author and proud mother of two beautiful and talented daughters as well as the caretaker for a 96 year old grandfather who battles with advanced Alzheimer's, not to mention two lazy but adorable dogs, a kamikaze cat and a reclusive hamster named Wink.

Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, she has written hundreds of true stories about her unusual life experiences and developed a popular line of inspirational greeting cards, as well as being a writing coach and chief Morale Officer at Author Salon, a Project Development and Network site for aspiring authors.

You can visit her anytime at her websites at, or


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