The Lottery

Christmas Cookie Club Book#3

Ann Pearlman

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What happens when seven members of a cookie exchange suddenly win the mega millions?  Now, in the midst of the worst economic downturn in three quarters of a century, The Lottery turns Pearlman’s unflinching eye on class and security, arrogance and entitlement when she opens up the dirty little secret of money and wealth.  As seven members of a cookie exchange meet to play the lottery, they realize each has scars from the economic system and has been hit by the recession in different ways.

But, of course, they win! The big one: $125 million. A life changing amount.  Their dreams have all come true. Or have they?

Will anything ever again be as exciting?

With the lottery win, healed fractures break open, bursting into rages.  Character flaws are exposed; loyalties and moralities are tested.  And, yes, new lives and dreams are realized. Wealth brings out strength, courage, and generosity in some, and selfishness, greed, conceit in others.  Integrity is tested when they learn startling things—garnering dismay and admiration -- about themselves as they finish another year together, frayed at the edges, but even closer as events make a full circle. As readers we are able to examine our own ethics about money and class, and, indeed, life itself, as we witness the cookie club friends facing both struggle and joy.

How does this all end? Leave it to Pearlman to bring the story to a memorable conclusion, warming our hearts and breaking our hearts at the same time.

“In Ann Pearlman’s book The Lottery, seven women agree to play the lottery weekly in order to help with their individual financial hardships. So what’s really important in life: an abundance of money, friendships, a steadfast love, good health, children or a happy marriage? Marnie, Jeannie, Rosie, Juliet, Taylor, Sissy and Chandra discover a lot about themselves during their lottery playing efforts. The Christmas Cookie Club achieves success by winning the lottery. Their financial windfall affects each of the Cookie Club members differently. I started the book thinking that money was the most important thing in life. As I read about these endearing women I discovered that what’s most important in life is love. Whether the love is between friends, a husband and wife, mother and daughter, brother and sister; it’s a crucial component of life that we need in order to live and thrive. I learned that money drives away poverty, but love makes life worth living. This book, The Lottery, touched me deeply in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the lottery quotes at the beginning of each chapter, and the renewed spirit of each of the members of the Cookie Club. Highly recommended!”

“The Lottery, Ann Pearlman's third book in her series about the Christmas Cookie Club women, continues her tradition of complex characters and relationships, as well as her subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - social commentary. Two of the more minor characters in the earlier books take center stage here and are beautifully developed by Ms. Pearlman. Her ability to set scenes and engage the reader remain as stellar as always. I found myself crying at several points during the book - always an indication for me of an authors ability to bring both characters and situations to life on the page. I don't know if there will be a fourth in the series but, if so, I'll keep reading.”

About Ann Pearlman

My memoir Infidelity was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award. Lionsgate bought the film rights and  the movie was aired on Lifetime. 

Inside the Crips, written with Colton Simpson and with a foreward by Ice T, is still garnering attention and comments. 

Attending a cookie exchange, hosted by my friend Marybeth Bayer, inspired the setting for my first novel, The Christmas Cookie Club. It's been a whirlwind since this book hit the stands.  The novel has been translated into 6 languages and has been published worldwide.  The  mass market paperback came out in 2011 with a new chapter including the recipe winners in the cookie contest held in 2010!. 

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