Black Lagoon: Season 3 Release, PUBG Cross-Over, Where To Watch, Plot, And Cast

“Black Lagoon” was one of the most beloved series in the 2000s. The first two seasons were intense with high action series revolving around the mafia and yakuza, while at the same time developing deep into the harsh realities of the criminal lifestyles. Though Black Lagoon is not very relevant today because of the absurdly extended hiatus, there are many die-hard fans still waiting for the release of the third season. While fans had lost all hope in seeing their most beloved characters, such as one of the most iconic badass chicks in anime: Revy, there might still be hope for the release of season 3.  

“Black Lagoon” is a series of anime shows acclimated from the supposed series of manga by Rei Hiroe. The first season of the “Black Lagoon”, was released on 9th April 2006. The show had received a lot of love from the audience and the second season was released on 3rd October 2006. 4 years later in 2010, an OVA called “Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail” was released across Japan, containing only five episodes. Since 2010, the Black Lagoon series has had a sporadic releasing schedule. Though some people call the OVA the third season, for most fans it is not. 

The first two seasons of the anime and the OVA are currently available for binge-watching on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. It is also available for renting and watching on Amazon prime. The anime has a gripping plot and we would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen the show, especially young anime fans, to watch this series.  

Release Date

There are still a lot of fans waiting for the third season in 2022 and producers are also willing to make the third season, however, it has not been possible yet. This is because the author of the manga, Rie Hiroe, has been struggling with depression for the past 10 years and working is difficult for him. Rie had admitted on Twitter that “It’s just that my depression hasn’t gone away, so I can’t work as much as I’d like,”. Since then, Rie Hiroe has received a lot of support from fans on Twitter for prioritizing his mental health. There is no official announcement for the release of the third season and it is unlikely that the series will be released anytime soon. However, there is always hope and it is not impossible.  

Black Lagoon had been many of our favorite series while growing up and to imagine that the author has been battling depression has been heart-breaking for a lot of us. It is a tragic sense of irony considering that black lagoon has tackled many heavy issues, such as depression and the author clearly showed great knowledge and empathy as he beautifully depicted such realistic conflicts in the story and even provided solutions for dealing with them but still struggled with it in real life. 

The studio responsible for making ‘Black Lagoon’ is Madhouse and that name alone is enough to get most of us pumped up for the show. Studio Madhouse is one of the finest anime studios and is responsible for making a few well-known anime series like ‘Death Note’, ‘One Punch Man’, ‘Overlord’, and numerous others.  

Plot And Cast

‘Black Lagoon’ is set in a hypothetical city named Roanapur which is situated in Thailand and is on the very edge of being self-destructed. The heights of corruption are off the rooftop and do not spare even the government or the authorities of the church. The high amount of dishonesty prevalent in the city has prompted an unusually high number of people to turn to criminal and offensive activities to get money. Criminal activities currently go through the veins of the city and have turned it into an asylum for the deadliest convicts and savages. 

We then, at that point, see the protagonist of the story, Rokurou Okajima, known as “Rock”, who, despite having his own business and a comfortably settled life, despises his life for its sheer dullness. When he gets an opportunity to visit Southeast Asia, he considers this to be a chance to make his tedious and monotonic life fun and exciting. Knowing little about what destiny holds for him, he arrives and to his surprise, all his plans are ruined as he is abducted by a local mercenary group known as the “Black Lagoon”. They take a stab at involving him in negotiating with his previous boss, yet all things considered, his previous boss walks out on him and he is left there with nothing.

Rock then, at that point, chooses to join the mercenary group of the pirates, along with Revy, Dutch, and Benny, and should now figure out how to adjust to this new daily routine he has decided to be a part of. Revy, Dutch, and Benny are merciless, maniacal, and mean. Together, they make up the crew of the “Black Lagoon”. They are the exact opposites of Rock in every way but one. Eventually, he figures out how to escape his exhausting everyday routine but the life he would be living now will be loaded with inconveniences and clashes he is still not ready for. Eventually, Rock retains his sense of judgment of right and wrong even in the criminal underworld of Roanapur. The character of “Rock” is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa who lives up to his mark.

Revy, played by Megumi Toyoguchi, is one of the most loved characters of the anime. Revy even has many Instagram pages dedicated to her by her fans, and she is a total badass and sexy chick. She kills her adversaries without putting any apprehensions to it. She is ruthless, brutal and would kill any individual who incites her even in the smallest ways without a second thought. Revy shows a ton of disdain towards Rock during his underlying days with the gathering and even nearly kills him once. However, later, she begins tolerating him as one of them and even calls him family. Later they even start influencing each other which is very satisfying to watch. Megumi does excellent work while playing the role of Revy and adds passion to her already beautiful character.

Dutch is an ex-American naval officer who is seen with his black goggles and is responsible for managing relationships with the clients. He has a muscular body frame that radiates power. Benny played by Hiroaki Hirata has a sharp likeness with Spike Spiegel, who is the fundamental hero of ‘Cowpoke Bebop’. He is a brilliant child who was once going to school at Florida University. However, later, he had to leave after he crossed paths with the FBI given his association with the mafia. Benny is Jewish and the Dutch regularly refer to him as “Benny Boy”. Benny’s job in the gathering is to deal with the exploration part of their business and alongside that, he even has a few PC and programming-related abilities that end up being an extraordinary resource now and then. Another notable artist was Mami Koyama playing the role of Balalaika, Michi Tomizawa voicing Roberta, and many others. 

‘Black Lagoon ‘is an introduction to the core of the criminal world, investigating the psyche of a criminal and the reasons that drive one to lead such a profoundly corrupt life. It is a non-stop, high-octane thriller. “Amazing experience the dub is just too good. I loved this anime and is by far one of my favorites. The action is amazing with plenty of guns with amazing persona behind the shooter of the guns such as the different types of mafia and individuals with unique traits of culture such as the Irish driver on weed with the Taiwanese chick and Revy interaction” says one of the reviews on Google. 

Comparable to different animes, Of course, ‘Black Lagoon’ is somewhat flawed. It is insufficient, which incorporates its sluggish animation and the pointless fan leadership now in the epicenter of specific action scenes. Aside from these minor differences here and there, ‘Black Lagoon’ will surely bring something that is truly unique to your plate which no other has at any point. 

Cross Over With PUBG

The popular anime has announced that it will now be doing a crossover with PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground) mobile. There will be exclusive in-game-themed skins and events. The animation will be “stylish and hard-boiled,” corresponding to the original manga material. The crossover will most probably be exclusive to the PUBG mobile Japan site only. Players will be able to use these exclusive skins and themes in the game from March 2022.

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