10 Best Online Video Chat Websites in 2022

Online video chats and conferencing have gained immense popularity around the globe. Not only is it easy to manage, but it is also a fun and interactive experience too. You get to actively engage in a conversation with a stranger or someone that you only know from the internet.

Besides the fun factor, there are risks associated with the process too. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position that is harsh on your security and privacy. So, when choosing the best online video chat websites, there are several factors worth looking into. You have to be mindful of the user experience and you have to be mindful of the safety prospects too.

To make the choice easy and more streamlined for you, we have looked through all the viable options on the internet and sorted out the best websites for you.

Top Online Video Chat Websites

Online video chatting websites are proliferating on the internet. With more and more people finding the concept interesting, it isn’t surprising that individuals want to hop on the chat rooms and have a fun conversation with a total stranger.

Following are the top 10 online video chat websites to look into.

1. Omegle

There’s nothing that beats Omegle when it comes to video chatting platforms. It is currently ranked #1 on the video chatting website list. The website gained a lot of popularity recently when people missed human interaction due to the ongoing pandemic. Seeking fun and social interactions, people started using Omegle to converse with random strangers on the internet.

However, what sets Omegle apart from the rest is the user interface. Besides the ease of use, Omegle is also 100% free and matches strangers based on similar interests. This means that you’d be connected with random strangers who share similar topics of interest as you. This makes conversations a lot smoother and buffer-free.

2. Tiny Chat

Next up, we have Tiny Chat, which is yet another popular video chatting website. The platform enables its users to chat over audio or voice over video features. While Omegle is more focused on one-on-one video chatting experience, TinyChat specializes in group chats. You can run up to 12 video feeds at once.

Besides the group chat feature, another factor that stands out is the chat rooms. You can log into the website and join chat rooms based on your area of interest. In case you can’t find any that suits your liking, you can then go ahead and create one yourself as well.

3. Fruzo

If you are looking for a 100% free online video calling platform, Fruzo is the one for you. Unlike most of the other options we have or will mention, Fruzo is primarily a dating site. You need to log into the website using your Facebook account, further making the security check easier for the users. If a user doesn’t have a Facebook profile, they’d have to create one exclusively for it.

However, since people are more focused on talking to people and not jumping into the dating scene directly, the website also enables you to connect with strangers and have a casual conversation with them. There are filters on the website that can connect you with your right match based on interests, age and demographics.

4. ChatRad

Although not a strict dating chat room, ChatRad caters more for the adult population because the topics of discussion in most of the chat rooms involve topics of adult discussion. But, don’t limit your possibilities there because you can access some of the best features via this chat room website. The highlight of this platform is the security and exclusivity.

Also, if you want to use the website’s features, you need to be 18+. Besides that, you need to provide access to your webcam if you want to continue using the website. This is a standard function and applies to almost every chat room website that you come across.

5. FaceFlow

For the users who like the concept of social media but don’t want to use the standard social media platforms, FaceFlow is a good choice. Although it doesn’t accommodate larger group chat video calls, the website enables you to connect with three people at a time to have an engaging conversation.

Besides known people, you can also scroll through the website and connect with random people that you haven’t talked to before. The website has a searchable profile feature, wherein you can add your images, share captions and even add YouTube clips if you have an account. Users can also engage in personal video chats with people they connect with on the platform.

6. ChatRandom

A lot similar to ChatRad, ChatRandom is another adult video chatting website. Not only is the website 100% free, but it also doesn’t involve any kinds of registration, which is a bonus. The website is quite an underrated platform but is gaining gradual popularity. The overall UI of the website is well-balanced and worth the time and effort.

There is a pre-existing community of people on the website that you can connect to and have all the fun with. Another highlight of this website is its unique matchmaking functionality. Not only is it highly personable, but it is also fun and quite interactive too. They also have a separate mobile application, which makes the website a lot more accessible to operate.

7. YouNow

YouNow is a very popular and one of the OG video chatting platforms that have been around for quite a few years now. The website has a free version but their premium version takes the cake. Not only do you get access to the best community of people to chat with, but you also get to have the most fun while doing so.

The premium feature on the website enables the users to create and host their personalized chatrooms. Users can also link their personal Twitter or Instagram profiles and encourage their viewers to follow them on other social media platforms too. Also, the “earn gifts” feature is quite a popular feature on the website.

8. EmeraldChat

Unlike the other platforms, EmeraldChat is for the elite video chatting experience that you never had before. The website is predominantly there to help you connect with people on the internet, hold a conversation with them and have the time of your life, exchanging experiences.

The website is quite popular among women, especially because of the safety and optimal privacy features that it brings along. Pair that with the stunning user interfaces and you won’t ever have to second guess being on this website ever in the future.

9. Teenchat.org

When you are a teenager, there are a lot of restrictions imposed by your parents and rightfully so to protect your privacy. So, wouldn’t it be fun to have a website that specifically caters to teenagers? Teenchat.org is a teenage-only video chatting platform that you can register on and have the time of your life.

Since this is just for teenagers, the platform is comparatively safe and guarded. The website is regulated regularly and any kind of predatory behavior is banned and restricted from the website. If you want to improve your social life as a teenager, this is a good website to start with.

10. Shagle

With over 3 million monthly users, Shagle isn’t your boring video chatting website. Instead, it is a popular and unique platform that will indefinitely blow your mind away. With access to over 70 different countries, the website enables you to meet a variety of different strangers on the internet and have fun conversations with them.

Besides its free version, the website has a separate premium version wherein you can chat without revealing your identity or you can have access to a diverse audience and users on the website. The security features on the website are pretty regulated too, which is a bonus.


With so many different video chat websites on the internet, you must select a reliable and secure platform. Our list includes all the top choices, especially in terms of safety and versatility. If you wanted some variance in the chatting websites other than the standard social media platforms, we hope this post gives you all the input you need.


1. Are the video chatting websites safe?

The safety of a video chatting website varies from one to the other. All the websites we have mentioned are secure. However, there are a few random ones on the internet that can have malware and hackers. So, choose wisely.

2. Will I have to subscribe to video chatting websites?

Some websites are 100% free and then some websites charge you a premium fee for exclusive chatting features. You have to pick one to your liking.

3. Are all video chatting websites for dating?

There are video chatting sites for different purposes. You have some exclusively for dating and then you have a few standard ones just for chatting with strangers and having a fun time on the internet.

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