Bella Poarch – What is the Net Worth of the Third-Most Followed Tiktoker?

Tiktok is soaring and currently has millions of active followers across the globe. Despite the kind of controversies that the platform has gotten itself into, it isn’t surprising that it has managed to overcome those shortcomings and is the leading short-form video content on the internet.

As Tiktok is growing, so are the creators. But, in this particular article, we will discuss the life history and current net worth of the third-most followed Tiktoker in the world, Bella Poarch. This Filipino-American TikToker has gained a lot of backlash and equally supportive fans.

From starting with the heavily expressed lip-sync videos to releasing original music, Bella Poarch has come a long way. Let us dive into all things about her life, career, and controversies.

Early life of Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch was born on February 07, 1997, in the Phillippines to her biological parents. She didn’t have the most eventful childhood as she was raised by her grandmother in the slums. It was when she was three years old that she got adopted by a Filipino-American family, who adopted her and another boy and raised them initially in the Philippines.

Although there isn’t much information about Bella’s adoptive family, it is believed that her dad is a white American and her adoptive mother is a Filipino. They were both in the military and met in Saudi Arabia, after which they got married.

In one of her interviews, while promoting her upcoming song, Bella revealed that she and her adoptive brother were heavily abused by both of their adoptive parents until she went to the military. 

Bella grew up on a large farm with her adoptive parents, two adopted sisters, and her brother. Reminiscing on her childhood, Bella said in one of her interviews that she had a very hard childhood, from the tender age of 7. She would have to take care of the animals, do her chores and keep up with her studies – all at once.

Bella also said that her adoptive father was physically and emotionally abusive towards her and her brother, while her adoptive mother didn’t intervene to stop the altercations. It was later when she was 13 years old that the entire family moved to Texas when her adoptive father needed immediate heart surgery.

Overcoming all the struggles, Bella was then stationed in the Navy in 2015 and served there for four years, and was stationed in Hawaii and Japan during her service.

Career and Professional Growth

Following her career in the military, Bella knew that she didn’t want to continue her service during her four years in the U.S Navy. It was then that she returned from Hawaii and then couch-surfed with some friends as she didn’t want to return to her adoptive parents.

After a few months of boredom, it was finally in January 2020 that Bella opened her TikTok account; however, she wasn’t frequent with her posting videos in the beginning days after opening her account. Her initial content included posting different genres of action cosplay and gaming content.

However, it was in August 2020 that one of her lip-syncing videos to the song Sophie Aspin Send went viral and became the most liked TikTok video. Although people had a lot to say about the video, many audiences liked the zoomed-in version of the video as well. 

Once she took off with her TikTok account, Bella next launched her YouTube and Twitter accounts. Her OG trademark beside the lip sync videos is her stuffed alpaca toy. Following that unique trademark to her branding, Bella then launched RIPNDIP x Paca Collaboration, which was a limited period collection.

Soon after, Bella signed a record deal with Warner Records and later released her debut single on May 14, 2021, titled “Build a Bitch”. Not only did the song become an instant hit on Tiktok, the music video that was released on YouTube gained immense views too. Besides her, the music video also stars a lot of other popular internet personalities like Mia Khalifa, Bretman Rock, ZHC, etc.

In an interview after the song’s release, Bella revealed in one of the podcasts that the song is inspired by her childhood and the constant bullying and abuse that she experienced throughout her life.

Controversies of Bella Poarch

Surprisingly enough, Bella Poarch has a fairly clean record online, which means that she hasn’t found herself in the middle of unwanted controversies.

However, Bella Poarch has acquired a lot of negative appeal on the internet due to her overemphasized expressions in the videos. But, despite that, she has also shifted her content significantly, acquiring and adding more and more audiences to her following.

Bella Poarch also sparked some controversies by cutting out James Charles from her Build a Bitch music video even though he was seen filming for the video in the behind-the-scenes snippets.

She was criticized for getting a tattoo resembling the Rising Sun Flag in one of her videos. It is significant of the Japanese imperialism, which is considered offensive to some the Southeast and East Asians. Addressing the same, Bella immediately apologized for the same and had the tattoo covered.

Philanthropy Work of Bella Poarch

There isn’t any significant information about any philanthropic work that Bella has done over the years. However, she has been very vocal about Asian hate crimes in the United States and shared her opinions about the same in her Vogue interviews as well.

Net worth of Bella Poarch

As of 2022, the net worth of Bella Poarch is $12 million, which is not an exact amount. She generates her revenue from multiple sources, including Tiktok, YouTube, her original music, and brand deals and collaborations that she signs with renowned brands.

Bella Poarch has bought a multi-million-dollar house and owns three branded cars, including Aston Martin DBX, Audi Q8, and Lincoln Aviator. 

There isn’t any other information about the internet sensation’s purchases or investments. Despite her public lifestyle, most parts of her life are kept hidden to protect her privacy.

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