Bald and Bankrupt Net Worth – What is the Truth Behind This YouTube Channel?

If you are an OG Youtube fanatic, you will likely know about the popular channel, Bald and Bankrupt. The channel is run by Benjamin Rich, who is also the owner of another channel by the name Daily Bald. The YouTube channel is primarily centered on travel vlogging and daily eventful vlogs in the life of Benjami Rich.

Benjamin started his YouTube journey after declaring his bankruptcy in the UK after a failed business. Later, after that, he shaved his head entirely and then opened the YouTube channel titled Bald and Bankrupt.

Following his channel launch, Benjamin started posting travel vlogs where he showed particularly high interest in the post-Soviet states and some of the Indian continents. However, his channel gained a lot of popularity after he posted his East European travel vlogs.

Early life of Benjamin Rich

The owner of the channel, Bald and Bankrupt, Benjamin Rich has a very private life. It is not usual for you to come across a lot of information about him and his personal life on the internet, which makes it harder for you to explore more about him.

Besides starting his YouTube channel, Benjamin is a bestselling published author of the book The Burning Edge: Travelling through Irradiated Belarus, which he wrote under the pseudo name of Arthur Chichester.

The book sold thousands of copies and highlights his experience while traveling through parts of Belarus and the areas that were affected by the Chornobyl disaster.

Besides the first book, his authentic content showcasing raw footage and experiences of the locals, especially with the Hindu refugee camps in Pakistan gained a lot of views and propelled his growth on YouTube. When he traveled to India, he said that he could feel the love and hospitality from the strangers in the area, which he thought was extremely heart-warming.

Career and Professional Growth

Benjamin runs two YouTube channels at the moment – Bald and Bankrupt and Daily Bald where he shared his travel vlogs and different kinds of daily vlog content that his audience is extremely appreciative of.

Throughout his career on YouTube, Benjamin has traveled across Europe, Russia, and India, showcasing different and authentic parts of the countries that most travel vloggers won’t. 

He has said time and time in his videos that he visits and explores new countries and places because he wants to get into the traditions and cultures of the place. He visits historical sites around the countries, explores different areas with the locals, and brings out authentic and connecting content for his audience.

His content is so well received by the audience that even PewDiePie, who is the most followed YouTuber, has said that Bald and Bankrupt is one of his favorite channels to watch on the platform.

Benjamin’s coverage across different countries got him a lot of media attention, especially across the countries like India and Russia. He and his videos have been talked about in several daily Indian newspapers.

However, it was later in 2019 that Hindustan Times covered his videos highlighting the scams and the frauds that often happen with foreigners visiting India. He was later mentioned in the European media for visiting Lunik IX. Despite the warnings that stem about the people and the localities in that area, Benjamin was welcomed by the locals and he was appreciative of the same.

Bald and Bankrupt Controversies

Although most of his audience appreciates him for his unique and authentic content, Benjamin has found himself in the middle of several controversies as well. One of the biggest issues that he faced was in 2019 when he was forced to apologize by the Chechen authorities.

The same was insight because he referred to drinking beer with a Chechen woman in a Muslim-dominated area.

Later in May 2020, Benjamin stopped posting for over 2 months, leaving his fans a lot of curiosity. While most of the fans thought that he quit YouTube, Benjamin returned after 2 months telling his audience that he contracted Covid and was in very bad shape physically.

He was in such a bad shape that he couldn’t walk over to the bathroom or move around the room without tumbling over. Benjamin was in the Intensive Care Unit when he experienced multiple organ failures due to the complications of Covid.

Very recently in May 2022, Benjamin was reportedly arrested for going into a guarded site, which is considered an administrative offense.

Net worth of Bald and Bankrupt

Benjamin Rich is not so bankrupt anymore as YouTube has a net worth of $5 million. This includes his YouTube income, his assets, home, investments, and the vehicles he has.

His popularity on YouTube has also brought him a steady flow of brand deals and sponsorships, which further add to his source of income. 

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