Sue Perry


Writing is the perfect occupation for me and the only job that has ever mattered. As a writer, I can do what I want, pursue any interest, try something new each time. That's important, because I crave variety and abhor routine. Consequently:

  • In school, I got degrees in wildly different fields (computer science, film production, geology, with minors in linguistics and Irish history).
  • I’ve had so many jobs. (Babysitter, duck caretaker. Switchboard operator, warehouse clerk, bank lackey, secretary, substitute teacher, bookkeeper, bureaucrat. Motion picture story analyst, low-budget TV producer. Scientific research internship director. Earthquake consultant. Professor. Disaster scientist.)
  • I've lived in my current home the longest I've lived anywhere and I'm getting antsier every day!
  • I always have many animals around (currently, 5 cats and a dog).
  • And - it figures that when I had kids, they would be boy-girl twins with only a birthdate in common.

Writing always reflects the author's interests, so - until now - I've never written the same kind of book twice. In chronological order, I've written: a character study in which rock fans follow a tour across country, a psychological thriller involving split brain research and animal rights, a novella featuring a quirky group of scientists who solve crimes, a multi-generational coming-of-age drama about a family frozen by secrets, and a speculative fantasy with detective elements.

That last describes my newest work, Nica of Los Angeles.  It's the first book in a series, so I won't be jumping genres again any time soon. In fact, I currently rise at 4a to write, to make sure I get the next Nica out pronto. I know the torture of waiting for the next installment in a beloved series, so as soon as my beta readers started writing things like "I need the next book ASAP!", I knew I had to hustle.

I live in southern California, where I enjoy live music, reading, hiking, cities, beaches, mountains, and the internet. If I had all the money in the world I would have an abode in each of its great cities.

Books By This Author

“5 stars. SCAR JEWELRY is just the kind of book I like- fast paced and realistic, with credible, fully developed characters... The story was deep, yet lighthearted; it made me smile and it made me think (and it made me really wish that I had been around for the music- those shows sounded awesome!). I recommend it highly!”

“Not everything is what it seems. Enjoyable quick read.”

“If you're looking for something off the beaten path, you have to pick up NICA OF LOS ANGELES. I'll be getting my husband and teenaged son to read it as well. It transcends age and life experience when it comes to reader appeal!”

“5 stars. Great story, human story. Scar Jewelry is a great read. I was genuinely sorry to reach the last page, the mark of a good story... The author's voice is authentic and unforced, evocative but refreshingly spare. The story grabbed me for the duration. ”

“Great read! Very interesting book. I love medical and when you mix medical and murder it's just wonderful. What more can you ask for.”

“5 stars. A real page turner to see what each new twist or turn will hold.”

“4 Stars. Secrets that unravel into a world of its own as we realize that we don't always know what is in front of us.”

“Nica of Los Angeles is a rock 'n roll ride that thoroughly delivers, and I highly recommend it!!”

“I absolutely loved this book. The plot was riveting, the characters weren't flat and had substance to them... I'm definitely going to have to find more books by this author.”

“Enjoyable, unusual ending for a mystery.”

“final chapters were very interesting ...the end very satisfying ...!!!”

“The author writes point-of-view in a novel and interesting way. Characters initially perceive events unclearly and it takes a moment for the event to come into focus. I don't think I've seen that before.”

“Fast-paced Mystery Novella - an excellent afternoon or evening read.”

“... a fantasy wrapped around a gritty detective story... Well written, just the right amount of biting sarcasm, Veronica Taggart Ambrose Taggart Ickovic may be the new version of a modern heroine. I think she has staying power.”

“More please! Even in this short novella format, the detectives - scientists and techies - are already interesting and unusual enough to make you want to know more.”

“In a highly original debut, first novelist Perry explores what happens when the left brain doesn't know what the right brain is doing.”

“... I was in suspense all the time. This is what I expect from a good suspense novel. A must read for anyone who enjoys this genera.”

“If you like medical research mixed with murder this is the book for you.”

“A good storyline which kept me interested. Am looking forward to reading Book 2.”

“4 stars. ...very powerfully delivered.”

“I have to say I feel that this is one of the BEST books I have read this year, and that's saying a lot because dystopian is not a favorite genre. Dystopian crime mystery? Really? The first thing I said when I finished this ( and it wasn't necessarily an easy one day read) was: 'I can hardly wait to read the next one!'.”

“Everything knitted together in this unique story, making a weird sort of sense out of the inexplicable. The writing style is fresh and lively and should appeal to many fantasy and crime readers who previously haven't considered the other genre. A super start to what is set to be an amazing series.”

“This is a fantastic book. If Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams got together to write a Raymond Chandler-style private eye story, this is what would come out. ”

“Excellent story. Lots of well paced action and development, plus some surprises and subtle delights.”

“I loved the premise for this book before I even started reading it and it didn't disappoint me. I was captivated but at the same time dreading getting to the end because I knew when I did the book would be over. I am really glad there is going to be a book two and can't wait for it.”

“I've always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain, and this book introduced me to an area of scientific research I hadn't been familiar with: the split brain... Full of fascinating true-life medical detail and an exciting mystery, this book is a must-read!”

“Fascinating psychological elements.”

“I really enjoyed this book, and was impressed with the details the author described and the atmosphere she created. I am familiar with many of the locations, especially the Caltech campus, and that was a bonus, letting me place myself within the story. The climax was entirely startling - I didn't see it coming.”

“5 stars. Loved this book. It certainly was an emotional read. Definitely was a page-turner. The theme of the book is something that a lot of people can relate to. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves mystery/suspense or literary fiction.”


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