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PJ Sharon is the award winning author of contemporary young adult novels, including PIECES of LOVE, HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, ON THIN ICE, and SAVAGE CINDERELLA, winner of the 2013 HOLT Medallion Award and the 2013 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. She is excitedly working on The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael, a YA Dystopian trilogy. WANING MOON, Book One in the trilogy, was a finalist in both the 2013 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and a HOLT Medallion Award of Merit recipient. Book Two, Western Desert released in June of 2013 and was a finalist in both the Winter Rose contest and Write Touch Readers contest. Watch for Book Three in the fall of 2014.


Writing young adult fiction since 2007 and following her destiny to write romantic and hopeful stories for teens, PJ is a member of Romance Writers of America, CTRWA, and YARWA. She is mother to two grown sons and lives with her husband in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA.

Books By This Author

“When I first got the book I read the first few pages, and had to stop. Not because I didn't like it, but because I knew it was one of those stories I couldn't put down until the very end, and I needed to make time to read it straight through. I was not disappointed. Savage Cinderella had me hooked from beginning to end. What a thriller and a beautiful love story! I love how PJ Sharon manages to describe scenes, not missing any details and making you feel what the characters are going through.”

L's Lit Lair - Kindle reviewer on Savage Cinderella

“While mostly a 'quiet' book, this young adult contemporary romance deals with some heavy, current-events issues like PTSD, and never skimps on emotion. Jordie's a smart, likable heroine who sometimes does stupid, impulsive things that add to her authenticity, as do Alex's hot-and-cold ways. If you're looking for a highly emotional read with a liberal dose of realism, Heaven is for Heroes is sure to please!”

Jennette M. Heikes - Kindle reviewer on Heaven is for Heroes

“I found PJ Sharon's newest book Pieces of Love, to be thoroughly enjoyable! Lexi's voice was spot on, and although she wasn't always likeable, she certainly drew me in. Her growth from beginning to end was remarkable, with help along the way from her quirky grandmother and adorable love interest. This was a quick and fun book, that would make a perfect summer read. I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion”

Kindle Reviewer on Pieces of Love

“ I fell into reading Waning Moon with the quick ease of a cold person entering a warm room, given a cup of hot tea and a comfortable blanket. P.J. Sharon's writing has that perfect mix of 'the essentials' a reader needs: just the right amount of emotion, reaction, action, plot and backstory. The steady pacing, interesting characters and increasingly intense story made me forget where I was. - 4.5 stars”

L. L. Treacy - Kindle reviewer on Waning Moon

“PJ Sharon writes spellbinding books. Western Desert is a sequel to Waning Moon which I also read, and it is equally as good. Lily, Will and Sam, the McKinley sisters; they are all enchanting characters. I couldn't wait to see what Ms. Sharon had in store for them next. Great reads, both of the”

RC Bonitz - Kindle reviewer on Western Desert

“I don't read much YA, but was given an early review copy of this book, which I ended up reading in one quick sitting. I was impressed by the thoughtful nature of the story, the prose, and how well the author handled the very sensitive topic and consequences of teen pregnancy/abortion. When we first meet Sami, she is struggling with high school, the outlook of her future, and self-doubt/guilt about her choice to terminate her pregnancy. Enter Travis, the college student with his own unhappy past, but who has chosen to pursue a path of helping others rather than rebel. The sweet romance develops naturally, with each character helping the other grow/mature in some fundamental way. The book balances adult-level introspection with teen-level action and thought. As a parent, it also made me reevaluate how I relate to my young teens. While this is not a lighthearted or lightning-paced story, it is thought-provoking and spiritual without being preachy. I'd recommend it to readers who enjoy sweet romance sprinkled with realistic life-lessons. ”

“2012 National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Awards”

National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Awards on Waning Moon

“PJ Sharon's debut novel touches the reader's sensitivity to current social, political, and emotional issues. Jordie is like many young adults now in that she must face many of life's struggles at a very young age. Yet, she is buoyant and draws strength from the members of her broken family as she searches for the truth about Levi's death. Love lives alongside confusion and anger in her relationship with Alex, as well as with her mother.”

M. L. Reynolds on Heaven is for Heroes

“I just finished reading On Thin Ice by PJ Sharon and I've been through at least ten tissues. In spite of the tears, the story is uplifting and leaves one with faith in human nature in spite of all our troubles.”

Suzanne Pitner - Kindle reviewer on On Thin Ice

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