Timothy Ashby


Timothy Ashby's life has been as thrilling as his action/adventure novels. 

Timothy Ashby worked in Washington, D.C. as a counter-terrorism consultant to the U.S. State Department, and a senior official at the U.S. Commerce Department. He held two Top Secret security clearances and worked with a number of colorful characters, including members of the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command. 

Before and after his career in Washington, Ashby led a peripatetic life. Born in the USA, he spent his teenage years in Grenada, where he learned to surf, sail and dive, and where his lifelong passion for history and archaeology was inspired. 

It was also in Grenada that he became passionate about writing, having the good fortune to be mentored by authors Martin Woodhouse and Dudley Pope. Mr. Pope named one of the characters in his Lord Ramage series "Captain Ashby," in honor of the teenage Tim Ashby. 

After moving to in Spain and then the UK, Ashby returned to Grenada in his early 20s. There he served as a director of various businesses until the Communist Revolution of 1979. Ashby received his PhD in International Relations from the University of Southern California. In the 1990s, he lived in the UK, earning an MBA degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and working in Central and Eastern Europe on a variety of privatization and economic development projects. He also has a law degree, and is a licensed attorney in Florida and Washington, D.C. He has been a successful entrepreneur, serving as CEO of several global companies that he founded. He is the author of Time Fall, Devil's Den, Missed Opportunities, The Bear in the Back Yard, numerous articles, and the prize-winning ghost story, "Warrior's Return."

Books By This Author

“FINALIST: Book of the Year Award”

“A cracking good yarn!”

“This is definitely a worthy effort that will entertain most Civil War readers, and I highly recommend that you get a copy and enjoy. I am looking forward to a sequel.”

“Timothy Ashby’s new novel, Devil’s Den, is the perfect summer read, not in any pejorative sense, but because it takes place during the steamy dog days of late June and early July. You can feel the heat waves wafting through the scenes of 1920s Washington,DC, as well as the torrid cauldron that was Gettysburg in July 1863. Also, in the best summer-reading sense, Tim’s novel is one of those few books you literally cannot put down; this Civil War buff devoured the whole book in 3 days. As I read Tim’s book, it occurred to me that this is the historical novel I wish I’d written.… Devil’s Den: a tour de force of historical fiction. Make sure you read it... ”

“History buffs will delight in the World War II backdrop, but the book’s action, style and unremitting pace make it a triumph across-the-board. ”

“Real people, real events and the still-charged reverberations of the Civil War provide a provocative framework for a 1920s-era mystery neatly told with meticulous historical detail and enjoyable twists.”

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