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Canadian born and bred, and a lifelong dreamer, I began writing at an early age and can’t recall a time when I wasn’t creating in some artistic form. My life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affairs in my life are Italia and all its magic, beauty, and dazzling culture, and a passion for Romania. Those loves spill into all aspects of my life. 

In the past half dozen years, I’ve signed with over a dozen publishers, and have released books in all lengths and genres, and it’s something I hope to continue to do for many more years. A visit to my website will show the diversity of what is currently available, and the mixing of genres and styles that will be employed in many up-coming projects as well. 


Voted Preditors and Editors Best Author of 2012 and 2013

Books By This Author

“Denyse Bridger continues to beguile and captivate with a lovely little novella set in that most romantic of all places: Italia. A woman, a man, a dance floor, sultry attraction, the sweetest music of love and desire. What could possibly go wrong? Enough that I was ready to beat Stefano over the head with his precious photographs. I felt Bianca's confusion and frustration when Stefano pulls back, inexplicably, yet still wearing his heart on his sleeve. The key to this dance of love lies in knowing the steps. Stefano is more than he seems and it isn't until Bianca understands the man that is she ready to follow his lead. Denyse Bridger is a master at placing us in that most seductive place where all our senses engage, where desire pulses with a physicality that draws us in, leaving us breathless. The ending left me clutching my Kindle with an 'aah'.”

“AS FATE DECREES was a mesmerizing read that brought ancient Greece to life. War, devastation, devotion, and love fill the pages. Denyse Bridger offers a magnificent spin on Greek mythology and the Gods. I was immediately drawn to Ares, the God of War. His character was fascinating and I loved the complexity with which he was written. The depth that Ms. Bridger goes to when creating not only her world and characters, but the almost seamless way she strings the lapses of time together, is what makes this such an astonishing read.”

“This tale of an eternal champion torn between her love for a god and a mortal - and her duty to both of them - should satisfy readers with a taste for romantic fantasy. - Nancy Baker, author”

“As Fate Decrees is one of those novels that will steal your heart especially if you are into Greek Mythology and Romance as I am. Imagine a warrior goddess created for the gods and in their likeness to be the guardian of ancient times. I was so wrapped up on the early years of Amarantha that I felt I was actually right there in ancient Greece. Denyse Bridger has a knack for creating that intense visual sense with the accurate period vernacular . Amarantha is one tough warrior who will love so passionately for one man whom she cannot have but be thrusted into another life where her passion will turn to the ultimate and supernatural warrior she was mean to be. As she is able to be transported through time she finds herself at the brink of the new millennium and has the ultimate job of saving the secrets of the ancient Greek gods as evil is out to destroy her and civilization. I love a story with a surprise ending and this one surely delivers. This is just one of Bridger's fine works of art. I would love to see a sequel to this one.”

“If you enjoy the world of classical mythology, you'll love this novel. - Margaret Carter, author”

“A Whisper of Humanity is one yummy read. It is a book you will want to sink your fangs/teeth into again and again. Denyse Bridger is a new to me author but after reading this book, I plan to check out more of her work. Denyse packs quite a lot into such a short story though she balanced it out nicely. This book had everything…mystery, interesting characters, and lots of sex. Devon is no Edward. He is better! If you like vampires then you have to read A Whisper of Humanity.”

“Just finished reading Triad of Power First Quest and loved it! I enjoyed the characters and how they relate to each other. This book does not disappoint and I look forward to more!”

“Denyse' Bridger Tells A Sweet Short Story Of Two People Falling In Love But Were Too Stubborn And Refused To Make Up After A Silly Argument. Bella Signorina Is A Short Story That Reads Like A Romantic Poem. Bianca Had Frequently Visited A Small Art Gallery And Was Very Surprised To Find Out That It Was Stafanos'. He Understood Why She Danced To Get Peace Better Than She Thought He Would As No Other Man Had Done Before And She Knew That They Were Meant To Be Together. Stafanos Let Bianca Walk Away As He Was Too Afraid That They Were Moving Too Fast And What They Felt For Each Other Wouldn't Last, But After A Week Of Searching In His Heart, He Knew Bianca Was His Life And He hoped To Change her Mind.......”

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