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Adriana Koulias is the author of four novels: Temple of the Grail, The Seal, The Sixth Key and Fifth Gospel - A Novel.

She was born in 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of nine her family moved to Australia. She travelled extensively throughout her youth and was fifteen before finally settling down in a small country town outside Coffs Harbour. 

She has been a nurse, a singer songwriter, a professional artist, has studied history and philosophy and began writing her first book Temple of the Grail in 1995.

Adriana now lectures regularly on History, Philosophy and Esoteric Science. 

All her books have been best sellers, The Seal won A Dymock's Critics Choice Award and THE SIXTH KEY was long listed for the prestigious Davitt and Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Fiction.

Books By This Author

“It had me hooked from the first page.”

Sisters in Crime on The Sixth Key

“In the tradition of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Adriana Koulias weaves a tale of esoteric intrigue in The Sixth Key. ”

The Cairns Post on The Sixth Key

“This first-time author is set to make her mark!”

Sydney Morning Herald on Temple of the Grail

“Historic Fiction at its best. ”

Brisbane Courier Mail on Temple of the Grail

“Finally! A well written, thoughtful murder mystery! Monks, murders, knights, inquisitors and a cracker ending! ”

Goodreads on Temple of the Grail

“An Addictive Thriller.”

Libri Blog on The Sixth Key

“Koulias is a beautiful writer who has expertly crafted a tale set in a fascinating time in history and made it relevant to our lives today. ”

Good Reading Magazine on The Seal

“Richly dense, well constructed novel, with a dynamism and excitement that make the pages typically cinematic, sliding like the frames of an Indiana Jones film.”

Libri di Scriveri on The Sixth Key

“Chilling, thrilling, and willing.”

The Canberra Times on The Sixth Key

“Koulias is a beautiful writer who has crafted a tale set in history and made it relevant to our lives today. ”

Cairns Post on Fifth Gospel - A Novel

“Templars. Cathars. Inqusition. 1254 France and an out of the way monastery is the background to this esoteric historical novel. The tale grabs you right at the beginning and you are led on a dangerous and spiritual path to discover the truth hidden within the walls of St. Lazarus Monastery located in the Pyrenees. You will enjoy reading the story of Andre, a Templar prefector and physician, his squire, Christian, and his friend, a Jew, Eisik, as they search the monastery and find themselves questioning the role of knowledge, wisdom, hypocrisy, faith, and evil. A wonderful story and a tale which promotes thoughts and questions as you move through the monastery to discover truth. Read it and find yourself within the walls of St. Lazarus searching for truth or submitting to superstition for the inquisition of 1254 could always be brought forth today...”

“This book captures the attention of the reader with plot twists and good narrative tension. It is unpredictable to the very end.”

Letteratura and Cinema on The Sixth Key

“Mystery, suspense, adventure. A fascinating novel replete with scholarship and a wealth of research. ”

Leading News. Romania on The Seal

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