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A member of the ITW (International Thriller Writers), M. R. Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who, in his own words, considers himself just a “guy with a lot of nightmares and a word processing program.” Legend has it he started making up stories to entertain a stuffed bear during his single digit years, then began writing them down sometime around his early teens when the growing catalogue of fiction started causing him to experience migraines. Although he had several short stories and newspaper articles published during his early adult life, it wasn’t until 2000 that his first full-length novel, Harm None: A Rowan Gant Investigation, hit bookstore shelves, officially launching the acclaimed paranormal thriller series.

All of the current novels in Sellars’ continuing Rowan Gant Investigations saga have spent several consecutive weeks on numerous bookstore bestseller lists as well as a consistent showing on the Amazon.com Horror/Occult top 100. In 2010 a short e-novella featuring a supporting character from the RGI cast spawned a new series, The Special Agent Constance Mandalay Novels, the first in the spinoff being IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER, which hit the streets November 2011. The second novel featuring Special Agent Mandalay, INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, is scheduled for release early 2014.

Books By This Author

“2003 People's Choice Winner, Best Novel By A St. Louis Author”

Saint Louis Riverfront Times on The Law Of Three

“This is one paranormal ride you will want to take with Sellars. This is engrossing, engaging, and thrilling and will make your heart beat wildly in your chest. Sellars is definitely on my list of MRAs (must-read authors).”

“Sellars does it again!”

Scarlet Letters from the Literary Underworld on Crone's Moon

“2009 COVR Award Finalist for Visionary Fiction”

Coalition of Visionary Resources on Blood Moon

“The Rowan Gant books always make my must read list! ”

NYT Best Selling Author Kelley Armstrong on The End Of Desire

“A superbly creepy supernatural thriller that sucks you in from the very first line and doesn't let you go until long after you close the covers. IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER reads like old-school M. Night Shyamalan with a dash of John Connolly police procedural. Good stuff!”

J. T. Ellison, Author of the Taylor Jackson Novels on In The Bleak Midwinter

“This is one book you will want to read alone, in the dark and in your bed. Just make sure you lock the door before you get started! ”

NYT Best Selling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon on Miranda

“The Rowan Gant Investigations are page-turners that are destined to become thriller classics. ”

Best Selling Author Edain McCoy on All Acts Of Pleasure

“A superbly suspenseful thriller.”

Midwest Book Review on Harm None

“A thrilling ride into the world of the supernatural! ”

Louise Bohmer, Author of The Black Act on Miranda

“WARNING: The novels of M. R. Sellars may cause rapid page turning, sleepless nights, and can be extremely addictive. Read at your own risk! ”

NYT Best Selling Author Maggie Shayne on Love Is The Bond

“It's a hair-raising good time!”

The Charlotte Austin Review on Never Burn A Witch

“As good as the sub-genre gets.”

MBR Bookwatch on Perfect Trust

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