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Includes #1 Novels on Amazon Kindle in "The Fourth Awakening" & "The Charon Family" Series, Plus A Brand New Action Manuscript


February 17, 2015... USA... Author Rod Pennington's blockbuster titles have been optioned for film and television by Carole Myers, Executive Producer at World Media Partners.  One of the hottest authors on Amazon Kindle, all of  Pennington's novels have immediately hit #1 in multiple categories. Pennington's immense popularity earned him a featured author story on the Amazon Home page.

Pennington's books include The Charon Family, a dark comedy satire series about a dysfunctional family of four of the world's best assassins. Also, The Fourth Awakening series, metaphysical science thrillers featuring a woman who gets a "do over" with her life when she investigates a mysterious disappearance that leads her on an enlightenment quest.

"I've been very happy with my Kindle success, writing exactly what excites me, exactly how I want to write it and living a glorious life here in Jackson Hole," said Pennington. "Gotta admit, though, it will be a lot of fun to see The Charon Family and Penelope Drayton Spence, my heroine in The Fourth Awakening, come to life."

Pennington began his novel writing career in the Men's Action genre in the 1980s. With The Fourth Awakening novels, he found a new audience for creative New Age drama. His recent Spanish language release of The Fourth Awakening became the #1 Kindle Foreign Language book.

The Charon Family series incorporates six novels, including The Family Bundle, a trilogy. All have been #1 in Dark Comedy, Satire and Political categories. At one time, all six Charon Family books filled the #1-#6 position in the Kindle Humorous Dark Comedy category while four of the Fourth Awakening books filled positions #1-#4 in New Age Mysticism.

Myers will also be developing Pennington's ready-for-publication new novel, entitled Indweller, a rapid-fire action and intrigue story with a hero of such massive originality that he deserves his own genre.

"From the first page of my first Rod Pennington novel, I was jaw-dropped.  The action was moving so fast and was so thrilling that I couldn't stop reading," said Myers. "He crafts this colorful matrix of mystery, action and fascinating characters that translate perfectly to the screen. Rod can turn out an astounding TV pilot script in a day, too."

Myers cut her teeth on the TV series "Miami Vice," then developed and produced "The Marshal," an ABC/Paramount prime time drama series. She has set up numerous series and specials with production companies, networks and studios, based on valuable book and life rights, and has executive produced pilots, series and specials, including the series "Night of the Proms," which earned her the Mid-America 2014 EMMY Award for Arts/Entertainment Series/Special.


11 Consecutive #1 Kindle Niche Best Sellers

The Fourth Awakening Chronicles IV #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Mysticism" and El Cuarto Despertar (Spanish Translation of TFA) #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Foreign Language eBook”


Rod Pennington writes two very different but very popular series of novels. The Fourth Awakening books are science based spiritual thrillers. They feature a woman who gets a "do over" with her life and goes on an enlightenment quest with an interesting cast of characters. The flagship of the series, The Fourth Awakening, has been the #1 Kindle Best Seller in "New Age Mysticism" for over 4 straight years.

Pennington has also writes a dark comedy series about a dysfunctional family of four of the world's best assassins. The most recent book in the series, Family Debt, was released on Halloween 2013 and immediately went

#1 in its Kindle niche.

On November 1, 2013, four of the titles in The Fourth Awakening series were ranked 1-2-3-4 in the Kindle "New Age Mysticism" niche. On the same day, the 6 titles in the "Family" Series were ranked 1-2-3-4-5-6 in the Kindle "Dark Comedy" niche.

Pennington began his novel writing career in the "Men's Action" genre in the 1980s. In addition to his own bestselling "Devon's Way" series he produced "work-for-hire" novels for the Worldwide Library/Gold Eagle imprint of Harlequin Books based on the characters created by the late Don Pendleton in his Mack Bolan "Executioner" series.

When, along with the Berlin Wall, the men's action genre collapsed, Pennington was recruited by the VP of Creative Affairs of a major motion picture studio and worked directly with him for many years.

In addition to his twelve novels, Rod has sold or had optioned numerous screenplays and treatments.

Books by Rod Pennington Available on Kindle

The Fourth Awakening #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Mysticism" for over 4 Years

The Gathering Darkness #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction"

The Fourth Awakening Chronicles I #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Mysticism"

The Fourth Awakening Chronicles II #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Mysticism"

The Fourth Awakening Chronicles III #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Mysticism"

Family Reunion #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Family Business #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Family Secrets #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Family Bundle #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Family Honor #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Family Debt #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Dark Comedy"

Books By This Author

“The Fire and Ice Trilogy follows a dysfunctional family of assassins through surprising revelations and developments with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat, laughing all the way. The humor is often bawdy but always light hearted and fun. These fast paced books are even better now that they are bundled together and can be read straight through! The humor, suspense, trained assassins, family squabbles, strong women (very strong women), battles between dark and light - east and west, make the trilogy a great read from start to finish. The characters are diverse and lovable; I wanted to keep reading even at the end! ”

“First, I would like to take a moment to give full kudos to the author, Rod Pennington, for a talent that makes a reader such as myself feel blessed to read his work. Family Business is the continuing story of the Charon Family series...assassins....political hijinks...and characters that make you laugh and groan at their antics....I loved this book! I highly recommend it and the first book in the series, A Family all who love action with their intrigue...hilarity with their suspense...and characters that stay with you even after you finish the story. Again, kudos to the author for a fantastically fun book!!!!”

Cynseer Booklover - Kindle reviewer on Family Business

“For anyone worried that the Charon and TFA series were done, Indweller provides some needed relief. Worlds collide and the story gets bigger. Can't wait for the next adventure to see how enlightenment can manifest itself in our lives without the need to live in a cave and be oblivious to the greater world around us. Great job Rod! ”

“As an author, I often get the opportunity to present at book festivals and writers workshops. When fellow authors ask me who I like to read, I always respond Rod Pennington. When asked why, the answer is easy. I always learn something from his books. Pennington is the unchallenged King of Dialogue. After reading one of his books, the reader will understand why Hollywood brass calls on him so often to fix scripts. RP's latest, A Family Reunion, will not disappoint his loyal readers. Writers pay attention to the dialogue and pacing. Pennington calls AFR bawdy. I call it a fun read. This is going to be a great series!”

Rick Robinson - Author on Family Reunion

“Well done! After reading The Fourth Awakening I couldn't wait to get to the second book and was not disappointed. In The Gathering Darkness you have an introduction of new characters that has you trying to figure out why and how they are involved. Of course, the answers are at the end of the book and surprises you. Who would have thought a book could carry so much suspense without having graphic violence or sex involved. I loved both books and hope Rod & Jeffery decide to take the time to write a third book.”

Antoinette Knutson - Amazon Kindle Review on The Gathering Darkness

“From the first moment that you meet the Charon family you will begin a wild and crazy ride with lots of action and suspense. Family Bundle by the talented Rod Pennington contains the first 3 books in the series and is both well-written and guaranteed to make you laugh and be on the edge of your seat continuously. Great cast of characters, both good and evil. Action scenes totally out there and very believable. If you like attitude alongside hilarious sexiness and bucket loads of fun...then this book will definitely fit the bill. I am in love with this series and give it the High Five in being a damn good buy! So, buy the Family Bundle that includes the first three books in the Charon Family series, and prepare to become addicted. Highly recommended!!! ”

“Rod Pennington has opened up a new genre in my opinion. With his Fourth Awakening books he has used his compelling writing style to make reading about esoteric ideas simply fun to read. While this is basically a short story that leads into the next installment, once I got my head around the idea of the old school pulp fiction magazine style, I simply enjoyed what he's offered up. After finishing, I couldn't wait for the Facebook notice of the next installment being available.”

Gary West - Amazon Kindle Review on The Fourth Awakening Chronicles I

“Totally agree with everything from Seven Star Review! Rod Pennington is the only author who, when one of his books comes out, I will drop whatever I'm reading and start his book immediately! He writes from a space of Knowing the subject matter (from Special Ops to Enlightenment), and in this book brings to light the issue of how 'Awakened' people deal with evil in our world. Can an enlightened one acknowledge that there IS evil in the world and still be at Peace with Everything? Is there a time to confront evil with a purpose of eradicating it, or do we accept the evil as it is? Can one 'observe' evil without judgment? [As an Awakened person, I do acknowledge that there is evil in the world, while maintaining my Peace; I do acknowledge that there are times when humanity must confront evil; I am able to observe evil without judgment.] Your enlightenment & opinions may vary! All that said, Gabriel Indweller is a complex character who has the ability to perceive evil, and eliminate it...but only if he deems them irredeemable, which is a subtle yet important distinction of his character. Like I said, a complex character, yet not without a sense of humor. 'Indweller' is a fast-paced, entertaining, thought-provoking spin of a read. I do highly recommend reading the entire 'The Fourth Awakening' series first, but don't hesitate to read 'Indweller' now if you just can't wait! One 'critical' comment about Rod's books, though, is that you never want them to end, and always want the next book 'right now'! Always worth the wait! ”

“The Fourth Awakening crackles with tension, right up to the end--where, unfortunately, the lack of a credible villain unravels the tightly woven story. However, the strong writing and spiritual depth are more than enough to make the novel an entertaining and enlightening read”

“These fast paced books are even better now that they are bundled together and can be read straight through! The humor, suspense, trained assassins, family squabbles, strong women (very strong women), battles between dark and light - east and west, make the trilogy a great read from start to finish. The characters are diverse and lovable; I wanted to keep reading even at the end! - 5 stars”

C. Squier - Kindle reviewer on Family Bundle

“I rated this book at 5 stars, only because there isn't any 7 star rating available! I loved it and couldn't put it down. At one point I did 'have' to put it down to do some work and I noticed, several hours later, that I was still smiling from ear to ear....and I'm not a 'simily' person. I have read the other books in the 'Fourth Awakening' and this book was the icing on the cake, but it is it's own book too and can stand on it's own without the necessity of reading the others, although I would strongly suggest reading the others first, so the total living dynamics of the overview can be better understood and felt. I expected, like in many other book series, that I'd have to wade through half the book as it brings me up to date, reading about what I read in the previous books to know what was going on, but surprisingly, that didn't just hit the ground running here, but as you get deeper into the story things star to just simply weave together with the previous books....brilliant writing! I'm a combat wounded disabled veteran...(with Zen Satori, 1983.) So his clear views of good, evil, humanity and war were a great delight to me, because the truth is so seldom heard, although he may catch some 'flack' over it. And most impressive was Rod's awareness of the enlightened states and how they may manifest differently within different personalities or levels of enlightenment. This clear vision of enlightenment is something that can't be faked, he's gotta be living there to know what he knows. His 'honesty' about enlightenment and it's possible aftermath is very true, but also seldom spoken's a no bullsh_t book that covers the best, the worst, and the beyond of our human experience. Thanks for the book....and please keep writing! ”

“A 5-Star rating for Rod Pennington’s FAMILY DEBT. This is a sequel, if you have not read the first books in the series, I highly recommend that readers start with Family Bundle -- The Fire and Ice Trilogy (The First Three Charon Family Adventures). Rod’s dark humor is delightful and is not over the top gory. For someone like me, who does not believe in the death penalty or guns, that is saying a lot! I even cheer when the bad guys are taken out. I highly recommend FAMILY DEBT to readers who have read the previous books in the series. If you have read them, you know what to expect and you won’t be disappointed. Twists and turns and all you expect from Rod Pennington. Some events you can see coming while others slap you up side the face. Got to love it! Personally, I believe I have read all of Rod Pennington’s novels. Reading his works, one can tell that he has a positive view of life. I have never been disappointed in reading his books and I always read them with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. It is true, Rod answers his email. I have written to him and I follow him on Facebook. He has a way of sharing humorous cartoons and other content in Facebook posting and I always look forward to receiving them. I am already looking forward to his next book!”

Neil J. Forrester - Amazon Kindle Review on Family Debt

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