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Ute (who pronounces her name Oooh-tah) Carbone is a multipublished author of women's fiction and romance. She lives in New Hampshire, where she spends her days walking in the woods, eating chocolate, and dreaming up stories.






Books By This Author

“Blueberry Truth by Ute Carbone is one of those novels that may well stay with readers for a long time. Carbone's ability to create believable characters that readers will care about and practically fall in love is first rate.”

Katherine Owen, Author of Seeing Julia on Blueberry Truth

“The Tender Bonds grabs your heart and holds on. That the author writes beautifully is frosting on the cake. I loved this book. ”

Patricia Dusenbury, Author of The Perfect Victim on The Tender Bonds

“This book left me feeling inspired to go out into the world and do something good....something that matters or that makes a difference. It is one of those feel-good stories that will leave you feeling good for a while after reading it.”

“The Lilac Hour consists of three stories of love, generation after generation. I liked them all, and thought they were charming. Not your typical romance stories, either.”

Word Girl 48 on The Lilac Hour

“Carbone's story immerses the reader and doesn't let 'em come up for air until the last page. Gasping for air. Oh yeah. It's that good.”

“We run the gauntlet of emotions in reading this book. You truly feel for Mallory, and the decision she has to make isn't an easy one to decide on. We get to experience every side of Mallory that there is, as a lover, mother, friend, daughter, and her own individual personality as well”

“P-Town Queen is an amusing and witty story that will delight you and completely hold your attention from the first page to the last. If you love light-hearted tales of life that will completely captivate you with its humor, then this is a novel you surely want to read.”

“This is a beautifully written story about the past coming back to haunt you.”

“Sometimes, a particular book or movie or even a song, can make us wish we were those characters or we were the ones living such a life. The Lilac Hour by Ute Carbone is one such book”

“I highly recommend To The Wind for the richness of its characters, the story is flat out brilliant and Anton is still a dream. ”

“An awe-worthy love story and one of the few told entirely from the male perspective. Anton's warring emotions and gallantry are believable and his tenderness is particularly heartwarming. Carbone is a tremendous storyteller and it's easy to to sail along in Anton's world. ”

“Ms Carbone has a writing style that grabs all five senses, twists them about and leaves the reader laughing, crying or simply just wanting more. Her voice in The Tender Bonds is brilliant, conjuring up a small American town where prim and proper Patty Dykstra ends up in search of her family. ”

Susan Roebuck, Author of Rising Tide on The Tender Bonds

“ The cast of characters is almost never ending - it reminded me of a Carl Hiaasen novel with all the goofy well constructed personalities. There's a ton of humor and a little intrigue - all-in-all fun roller coaster ride!”

Amy Vansant,author of Angelini -The Pirate, The An on Confessions of the Sausage Queen

“Ute Carbone captures the reader's interest immediately with an adventurous, emotional tale of a sailor's life on the sea as they follow orders from bosses within the trade business of the California gold rush era. It also tells of incredible love, heartfelt compassion, and the pure admiration a young couple can have for one another. Ute Carbone's To the Wind has a bit of everything in it, making it appealing to many types of readers. It is a short story written so skillfully and descriptively it is as though you are watching a movie screen rather than reading a book. ”

“Ute Carbone has skillfully written a highly enjoyable story filled with realistic circumstances and emotions, making it appealing to many different types of readers. The story itself has a transitional tone to it, popping from past to present, making it intriguing and entertaining, making the reader eager to read more”

“Parker cooks his way into Nikki's family and steals her heart, making the reader beg for more.”

“The P-Town Queen by Ute Carbone is laugh out loud funny. I was laughing so much I think my daughter who lives with me began to doubt my sanity, until I explained what I was laughing at and then she understood and was giggling along with me even though she had only heard about the antics within the pages of The P-Town Queen”

“In All Things Returned Ute Carbone creates a historical romance combining the true flavor of the period while using characters who have battled to have the time and space to enjoy a happy and peaceful life. Told from the point of view of the heroine you experience her decisions and her reasoning while she tries to stay true to the culture of the time. As she faces betrayal, blackmail, and false accusations, you feel her anguish, along with the feelings of neglect as she waits for her hero and a rescue which may not arrive in time. A great read. ”

Allison Knight, Author of Lynbrook's Lady on All Things Returned

“With three parts humor, one part romance, and one part drama, Afterglow is as delicious as India's beloved Cherry Garcia. ”

In'dtale Magazine on Afterglow

“Carbone continues to dazzle with easily pictured settings and endearing characters. In this installment, the women have the opportunity to display their perseverance and grace under fire. The plot twists continue to intrigue and the love story remains beautiful ”

“Blueberry Truth is a page-turner - one of the rare books that you don't want to put down. A delightful read that surely can't fail to touch the heart of the hardest reader.”

Susan Roebuck, Author of Perfect Score on Blueberry Truth

“This captivating and light-hearted tale has the reader laughing at the many antics of the characters as they unfold. Told in the first person in a unique style, the characters come to life in this rollicking ride through life in the small town of Kassenburg.”

“I’d recommend Searching for Superman to any reader who enjoys light, sweet romance with a generous dash of humor. ”

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