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Tara Maya has lived in Africa, Europe and Asia. She's pounded sorghum with mortar and pestle in a little clay village where the jungle meets the desert, meditated in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas and sailed the Volga river to a secret city that was once the heart of the Soviet space program. This first-hand experience, as well as research into the strange and piquant histories of lost civilizations, inspires her writing. Her terrible housekeeping, however, is entirely the fault of pixies.

Books By This Author

“The Otherworld series left high expecations for the Ehriad Novella. I'm thrilled to say Ehriad exceeds expectations. Though Faelorhen had already felt complete within itself, this novella ventured further into the realm of the Otherworld, and into Cade's beautiful vulnerablities. The exterior of the male protagonist may define Ehriad, but his interior screams gallant warrior. Through this story the mysteries behind his cryptic behavior are revealed and a compassionate, self-sacraficing man lies beneath the surface. No matter how pyhysically strong the warrior, the strongest muscle in the body will always be the heart. Cade is all heart. His weaknesses are most endearing and he will always make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love. Ehriad's flawless collaboration with Faelorhen creates and atmosphere that is both awe inspiring and intoxicating. Through this author's imagination we are able to bind these emotional experiences to ourselves and claim a piece of that heart as our own. Every word of this story has a heart beat. I am truly grateful to the author for giving the breath of life to a world I can venture time and time again. Every time I read a new book in this series I am left sinfully obsessing for more. Ehriad was the last nail in my coffin claiming me as a forever fan of the Otherworld. ”

“Okay first i'm not going to review each and every book. I will do that or have done that on each book's individual page. Second I was given this set to review. Okay all side notes notated... lets get to the nitty gritty! Let me say that I absolutely loved the compilation of books. If you have never read any of these authors or their books, this set is the perfect place to get introduced and at a great price. Can't beat $.99 for 6 books! I absolutely love Alexia Purdy's books. Great author! This was the first time that I've ever read Tara Maya but I was extremely pleased with her book. I have put her on my to read list because I would love to see where this story line is going to end up. LOVED Elle Casey's book to the point that i have already bought the next 3 in that series. Great concept that I haven't seen before and truly lovable (and hateable) characters. I have read a book similar in plot to JL Bryan's book but I will say that it was a good book. I wouldn't call it my favorite but I would read more of his books based on this one. Now this next one, well, I speak Geek pretty well and really didn't know if I was going to like Anthea Sharp's book but boy was I pleasantly surprised. Another good book that I will look for more from this author because of. Jenna Elizabeth Johnson had my attention from the start just because one main characters has the same name as my son. BUT..... she kept my attention because of her great story line and completely (even with the paranormal aspect) relateable characters! Can't wait to read more. Now that you have my pro's here's my con's.... Okay so it's not really a negative to me however it might be to some of y'all. If you don't like cliffhangers then some of these are not for you. Follow the link below to read the full review! ”

“Wow. Holy smoking wow. This is one of the few books I've read that I can honestly say was totally, 100% original.... However, as unique as it is, it was insanely easy to slip into the story...”

Emi London, Octopus Ink on Initiate

“They were all very good. My only complaint is I kept staying awake too late to finish reading them.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this set of stories. I used it as a step to read more of the authors I enjoyed. I've read most of Elle Casey's books and loved every book. Also Jenna Johnson's Faelorehn books were excellent. I've just read Anthea Sharp 's Feyland series and enjoyed them as well. I plan to read Alexia Purdy's series next. It's a good way to try new authors. ”

“So far I have read Dark promises and am in faery heaven! I am in love with faeries have been since I was a little girl and I don't see that changing anytime soon! I am slowly going through each story as to savor each one and not to combine them into one big story that doesn't make sense. I was not disappointed in Dark Promises at all it is in my opinion awesome.I think that Rylie is a great character as well as Adam her boyfriend and bff Sierra together they make quite the team. I did find myself having a soft spot for Kallen. (which I won't explain as you need to read about him on your own) This is a wonderful beginning to what is an amazing series by Julia Crane and Talia Jager! I am glad it was part of the bundle! I will update my review for this bundle as I read through it! ”


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