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Jennifer Probst is the New York times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of both sexy and erotic contemporary romance including The Marriage Bargain, The Marriage Trap, and The Marriage Mistake. She has been published with Gallery, Entangled, Decadent, The Wild Rose Press, and Red Sage Publishing. She has written a children's book, Buffy and the Carrot, co-written with her niece, along with a short story about a shelter dog, "A Life Worth Living." Look for her upcoming releases, The Marriage Merger in July 2013, along with a brandnew sexy series releasing December 2013. Sheloves hearing from readers on all social media formats so stalk heron Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads. All of her books are available at herwebsite

She wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it ina folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn't stopped writing since. She took a short hiatus to get married, get pregnant, buy a house, get pregnant again, pursue a master's in English Literature, and rescue two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

She makes her home in Upstate new York with the whole crew. Her sons, one 6 and one 8, keep her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never truly be clean.

Books By This Author

“Awesome read. Chasing Me is an emotional, touching read. James (poor rich boy) & Quinn's relationship is tested as insecurities are brought to the forefront. TIME is a determining factor in this story whether it be timing or amount needed to cultivate this relationship. A beautifully written deep and moving story of staying true to oneself *Received ARC in exchange for an honest review* ”

“This isn't my first Jennifer Probst book, and this definitely won't be my last either. I just love the way she writes romance stories. They are hot, entertaining, and very likeable. Chasing Me is no different. Ms. Probst doesn't try to hard in making the characters sound sexy and hot. They just are. Her stories are always realistic and very easy to relate to. Chasing Me is a sweet love story about two people who are adjusting to being together and trying to make something of themselves at the same time. It's a really nice read that I definitely recommend!”

“his book was the follow up to Beyond Me. The conclusion of James and Quinn's story. I really fell in love with them in Beyond Me and was happy to get to read more of them with a conclusion. Sitting back the story line really came a long way. James, once a spoiled rich kid, who left everything behind for his love of art and his love of Quinn. Yes he went about some things the wrong way in this book but he had no experiences to rely on, no one to talk to. Quinn struggled her entire life and overcame so much and was determined to make something of herself that enabled her to help others. I was glad to see they didn't just get a HEA. Glad that they struggled and fought for what they have and their HEA. The only downside was I would like to have read a little more on the final outcome. I have no doubt that they each made it in their own right together but I would love to have read how he shoved it in his parents face and how she showed her father that he was in fact good for her. ”

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