William F. Brown


William Brown is the author of six mystery and international suspense novels.  

The Undertaker, his first e-book, was released in January 2011.  It is a snarky, contemporary, domestic thriller with a mix of romance, humor, and stark terror. It has garnered an Amazon rating of 4.3 on 133 Kindle reviews, including 65 Five-Star ratings. Amongst My Enemies, his second e-book release in December 2011, is a fast-paced Cold War tale of action and international suspense that deals with espionage, revenge, and missing art and treasure in the post-war years. It has an Amazon rating of 4.2 on 48 Kindle reviews, including and 25 Five-Star ratings. Thursday at Noon was originally published in hardback as a Joan Kahn Book by St. Martin’s Press and by Harlequin’s Gold Eagle in US paperback and in various foreign editions. It was reviewed favorably in the New Yorker and many other major publications in the US. The Kindle e-book edition was published in June 2012 and has an Amazon rating of 4.3 on 30 Kindle reviews, including and 17 Five-Star ratings. Winner Lose Allis his newest international suspense novel, published on Kindle in April 2013. It is set in the closing months of WWII, as one war winds down and all eyes turn to the next one. Alliances are shifting and no one is to be trusted. Old enemies become tomorrow’s friends, and everyone wants their piece of the revolutionary new German weapons technology in jet airplanes, rockets, submarines, and munitions. It has an Amazon rating of 4.6 on 23 Kindle reviews, including and 16 Five-Star ratings.  He is now completing two new contemporary, domestic suspense novels, Through the Glass Darkly and Aim True, My Brothers. 

In addition to the novels, he has written four award-winning screenplays. They placed First in the suspense category of Final Draft, were a Finalist in Fade In, First in Screenwriter’s Utopia — Screenwriter’s Showcase Awards, Second in the American Screenwriter’s Association, Second at Breckenridge, and others. One was optioned for film.

He and his wife now live in Florida. A native of Chicago, he has undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Illinois, and served as a Company Commander in the US Army. As a Vice President of the real estate subsidiary of a Fortune 500 corporation, he was able to travel widely in the US and abroad. When not writing, he plays bad golf, has become a dogged runner, and paints passable landscapes in oil and acrylic.

You can follow his work on his web site http://billbrownwritesnovels.wordpress.com,which has Preview Chapters of each of his novels, interviews, book reviews, and other links, and on his Face Book Author’s page http://www.facebook.com/WilliamBrownAuthorPage.

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“5-Stars! from William B. Kellenberger, Amazon Reviewer Could Be From The Morning Paper. The timing of this book is very contemporary and could have been on the morning news. I found it hard to put down, and feel it could make a great movie. Lots of action and a straightforward plot. There aren't many 'plot twists', but the story is very linear and easy to keep track of what's happening. I have a copy of his audio book The Undertaker audiobook on my iTouch, and as soon as I finish the one I'm currently listening to, I'll be jumping on it. Brown has found a fan.”

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