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NYT bestselling author Claire Delacroix always loved stories, both telling them and hearing them. She sold her first romance novel - THE ROMANCE OF THE ROSE - in 1992 and has published over fifty romance novels since. She writes in a variety of subgenres, including time travel romance, historical romance, medieval romance, fantasy romance and fantasy with romantic elements. She has also written under the names Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke. She makes her home with her family, a number of incomplete knitting projects and a lot of overgrown houseplants. Claire loves to travel, to cook, to ride her bike and to read.

Claire is currently writing the True Love Brides Series, which began with THE RENEGADE'S HEART. These are paranormal medieval romances set in Scotland and continue the story of the eight siblings at Kinfairlie. THE BEAUTY BRIDE, book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy of medieval romances, introduces the family. THE RENEGADE'S HEART is Isabella's story and THE HIGHLANDER'S CURSE is Annelise's story. THE FROST MAIDEN'S KISS will be next in the series and will be Malcolm's story.

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Books By This Author

“WINNER Knight in Shining Silver (K.I.S.S.) Award”

Romantic Times on The Scoundrel

“Enthralling and compelling!”

Old Book Barn Gazette on The Scoundrel

“The Snow White Bride is a gripping story with an emotionally wounded yet wonderfully strong heroine. What a passionate, romantic read!”

Vanessa Kelly on The Snow White Bride

“A beguiling medieval romance from Delacroix…readers will devour this rich and compulsively readable tale.”

Publishers' Weekly on The Rogue

“Merlyn is a delightfully charming rogue, Ysabella an admirable heroine, and the mystery just intriguing enough to keep you interested. Ms. Delacroix evokes the era, providing us with an accurate portrait and an enchanting tale – just what readers expect from this talented author.”

Romantic Times on The Rogue

“Delacroix provides an excellent end to a terrifically captivating series.”

“A beautiful, heart-wrenching, deeply emotional story!”

The Romance Studio on The Rose Red Bride

“Marvelous paranormal touches add an enchanting dimension to a wonderfully romantic and action-packed medieval romance.”

Romantic Times on The Warrior

“A magical tale...brims with rich, historical detail, entertaining banter and romantic tension.”

Publishers' Weekly on The Temptress

“Delacroix’s satisfying tale leaves the reader hungry for the next offering.”

Booklist on The Warrior

“If you enjoy well-told tales of adventure, chivalry and romance, don't miss THE BEAUTY.”

Romance Reviews Today on The Beauty

“Readers are treated to another wonderfully delightful story that will keep them highly entertained, riveted to the pages, and eager for whatever the clever and talented Ms. Delacroix will write next.”

Romantic Times on The Countess

“Historical romances are a very specialized sub-genre, but this novel was so well done that it is possible that any fan of the romance novel will enjoy it. There is humor, adventure, as well as love in this well-written book.”

Ratmammy - Kindle reviewer on The Beauty Bride

“Master storyteller Claire Delacroix has done it again with this marvelous medieval romance. The Countess is a keeper!”

Old Book Barn Gazette on The Countess

“Four stars! With its well-drawn background and escalating sexual tension, THE BEAUTY is a tale to warm a winter's night.”

Romantic Times on The Beauty

“Five blue ribbons! The Snow White Bride is a fairy-tale-princess-in-reverse type of story – with a twist. It’s an adventurous tale, filled with past transgressions and a priceless romance about love that heals…Once again, Claire Delacroix fills this final [book in] her brides trilogy with mystery, humor, and a boundless sense of family.”

Romance Junkies on The Snow White Bride

“THE WARRIOR is a sensual romance that has found a place on my keeper shelf, to be revisited again and again. THE WARRIOR is in my top five reads of the year and the Hawk is my number one favorite hero.”

Romance Junkies on The Warrior

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