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I write books about quirky people falling in love and getting into trouble. I adore smart, sexy, beta heroes, and savvy heroines who aren't afraid to demand--and get!--the best from their relationships. Learn more about me and get a free book at

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“Hot Pursuit impressed the hell out of me! I'm new to the serialized, 'short read' ebook genre (that comes in under 50-page installments). But like the very best in modern television, the masterful writer Athena Grayson packs in so many narrative G-forces in her story that you barely have time to strap your brain in before her plot blasts you on an exciting thrill ride to the farthest reaches of the universe--and right into the hearts of her emotionally-complex characters. Grayson's world-building is finely-detailed & deep, and it's mind boggling how this author can wrap a reader so fully into the heartrending challenges on the 'wild edges' of a totalitarian political regime that is trying to crush the soul out of its inhabitants. Enter Micah, the last remaining psypath who can see through all of their repressive machinations (& who's the one remaining hope for the freedom of mankind), and you have a unique hero worth rooting for. But one of Micah's endearing flaws is that he can't help understanding the emotional nuances & motivations of even his most vicious pursuers (it's his superpower, after all), which forces him to keep his heart open to Treska, even as he is running from her to save his life. Yet there's one fascinating catch--the Union may have white-washed Treska's mind into utterly lethal servility, but they never succeeded in completely obliterating her soul. Despite all her brutal programming as the most successful Huntress the Star Empire has ever seen, there is a part of her, buried deep down inside, that can still feel--and that contact with Micah brings to the surface. This rich, interior conflict results in romantic tension in spades! I'm so hooked on the Huntress of the Star Empire series already that I can't WAIT for the next episode to see what happens next! ”

“This box set is a continuation of the always free book 1 of the series, and I can tell you that buying the rest of the series is more than worth the money. The action is non-stop and the interplay between the vice huntress and Micah will have you rapidly flipping the pages to see how it develops. There are intertwining plots as the noble houses each have their own reasons for backing the resistance, and the space pirates only want one thing, booty. And, then there is the Union whose goal it is to ensure that anything pleasurable is removed from their portion of space to prevent another invasion of the unknown Marauders. My only complaint, was the ending. I had to shake my head, and say, 'You've got to be kidding me?' Simply because now I have to buy the next box set to see what happens. Overall, it is more than worth doing so. ”

“...a light, fun read, and more than occasionally funny, but it's also got a lot of depth to it, and some ideas worth pondering long after the book has been set down.”

“I wish I could write a review that would be half as good as this work is. Do yourself a favor, drop the buck on the first installment and prepare to be hooked like I am. I'm eagerly awaiting part two. :-) ”

“Half twisty sci-fi, half space fantasy, with a liberal dose of sensual byplay thrown in to keep everyone on their toes, The Chase is not to be missed! Outstanding world building with believable stakes and compelling characters. I loved every minute of this fast-paced read! ”

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