Mark Leslie


Mark Leslie is a writer of dark fiction that is often described as "Twilight Zone" style fiction.

His first book, ONE HAND SCREAMING (2004) is a collection of previously published horror short stories and dark humor poetry.  Mark is also the editor of the science fiction anthologies NORTH OF INFINITY II (2006), TESSERACTS SIXTEEN: PARNASSUS UNBOUND (2012) and the horror anthology CAMPUS CHILLS (2009).

Mark's first non-fiction book, HAUNTED HAMILTON: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle & Other Steeltown Shivers (2012) is an appreciation of his hometown told in a combination of historic journeys combined with ghostly legends, and is being followed with SPOOKY SUDBURY in the fall of 2013.

Mark's first horror novel I, DEATH, is coming in mid 2013.

Born in Sudbury Ontario, Mark has courted with a serious addiction to reading and writing his entire life. Living in Hamilton, Ontario, with his wife and son he is still working on a secret formula to attempt to prevent the "book addiction" gene from replicating itself. So far, it's prognosis negative.

Books By This Author

“A unique blend of horrifying tales, with a twist of humor that provides an interesting contrast between screams and laughter. ”

“This book is your ultimate guide to uncover the unique and historically haunted treasures in our city; read through it, learn, explore, and get up close and personal with the ghosts of Haunted Hamilton.”

“I strongly suggest reading the 'Afterward' in this book. The actual events that inspired the stories THAT OLD SILK HAT THEY FOUND and IDES OF MARCH are fascinating. I'm the type of gal who DOES watch DVD commentary, and BTS extras, and I love this part. Learning about the author, and what drives them, is just as interesting to me as the actual stories.I'll never build another snowman!”

“Tesseracts Sixteen, an anthology whose contributions come from a wide variety of authors, some well-known and some newer, includes something that should appeal to almost any reader of fantasy or speculative fiction. Highly Recommended.”

“Looking for a veritable banquet of the finest Canadian speculative fiction? Look no further than Tesseracts Sixteen . . . I definitely enjoyed reading the wide variety of stories and poetry in this volume. It’s a great showcase of the present state of Canadian speculative fiction and authors, and opened me up to the writing of many excellent writers who I had been unaware of.”

“His stories are well written, skillfully told, and satisfyingly good to the last word.”

Edo van Belkom, author of BLOOD ROAD on One Hand Screaming

“Have you ever been cold? Really cold? Have you ever felt that icy coolness creeping up through your feet and into your ankles and your knees and the bones of your body? Have you ever felt the winter reaching down into your very soul?I guarantee that - after reading this two-story collection - you will NEVER look at a snowman the same way again.In a word - chilling.Or better yet - cool. Real cool.”

“Amazing . . . chillingly plausible . . . the attacks were so vivid, combining the gruesome actions with the (Shakespearean) dialogue the ghost quotes. Engaging and spooky.”

Wattpad reader on Prospero's Ghost

“Brilliantly written creepy snowman stories. They were great! I'd love to see more.”

“Prepare to be haunted by a master of suspense.”

Julie Czerneda, author of SURVIVAL on One Hand Screaming

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