Marcy Pusey


Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, writer, wife, and mommy, Marcy lives in the serendipitous moments of God's divine intentions.

Over the last sixteen years, Marcy has worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples through private practices, group homes, foster family agencies, community based services, and wrap-around programs. In addition, Marcy and her husband have fostered multiple children over the last decade, in addition to adopting two and birthing two.

Marcy's writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, blog posts, children's books, and books for adults.

She lives in the Black Forest of Germany with her husband and children (two of whom are adopted through foster care). She works as a counselor for the local English-speaking community in their German village.

She blogs inspirationally about her work, writing, and other resources on her website.

Books By This Author

“As an older (50+) person who brought up two amazing children of my own I thought I could cope with fostering! What a shock. After four months fostering a six year old boy I can honestly say this the hardest thing I have done. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone considering fostering. It encapsulates everything you need to know. Our fostering agency provided very in-depth training but this book will provide insights way above any of that training.”

“This book is a must-read for anyone considering foster parenting or adoption. The author speaks candidly from her own experience on the many different challenges one can expect to face on this journey. It's raw and real. I also know that quite often when people are considering foster care or adoption, friends and family are quick to share the horror stories they've heard, perhaps well intended in order to *protect* their friends or family from making a choice that could potentially wreak great havoc on their life. Yet, for every heartbreaking story of defeat, there is another story of goodness, successes, hope & new life. And how will such stories live on if not for the dedicated parents who give so sacrificially in order to give these children a chance for change, a chance for hope, a chance for a new life. So, in the midst of facing endless challenges along on this journey, the author offers real understanding & encouragement to these families to press on. I not only recommend this book for foster parent and/or adoptive parents and those considering it, but for their friends or family as well, so they can better understand and offer the kind of understanding and support that is truly needed.”

“Shared with my friend, a mother of with three adopted children. She LOVED IT!”

“OMG! I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book! So cute, and the message of one's inherent self worth should be taught in every home, school, and shouted from every rooftop in the world. JUST BUY THE BOOK! You're gonna laugh, weep, and cheer, all in about 5 minutes! Your children will love it, too! A book for all ages, and all people.”

“Aside from the enriching experience of imaginative play, there are many cognitive benefits such as seeing things from different perspectives, recognizing symbolism and realizing that thoughts regarding a particular event vary from person to person. In addition, it is just a fun read that I look forward to sharing with my grandchildren.”

“A wonderful book with a timeless message told in an attention getting way that will hold the attention of the most active young children. In addition, it appeals to everyone who has given their all, done their best but still been misunderstood and left feeling inadequate. As a read aloud, adults can also benefit from those gentle reminders of good parenting from Mama Turkey. Everyone, parents, grandparents, teachers and freinds can benefit from this gentle book that reminds us of our own uniqueness and place in this troubled world. From an educational point of view one of the best curriculum tools for Elementary School Teachers remains *pattern books*. Those treasured books that not only feature universal themes such as *What is my unique contribution?*, but can also be easily used as a pattern for elementary aged students to emulate and illustrate their own story with their own writing and simple drawings. It would also be an excellent resource for teen parenting classes and use in counseling sessions especially with elementary aged children.”

“According to Corban was like a breath of fresh air for me. I don't have little ones, but the images and the story captured me. The storyline was so sweet, displaying the great intimacy between a boy and his momma. Plus, what a tribute to his great imagination! Whether you're reading to your child heart or to an actual child, you'll love this tender, imaginative story.”

“Marcy Pusey in her book, Reclaiming Hope, shares her story of fostering and adopting with such candor and heart. She doesn't sugarcoat the reality or gloss over the warts or romanticize the notion of growing a family through this avenue. Instead Ms. Pusey writes her story of loving her foster and adopted kids with a warrior spirit, and in doing so, other parents in her shoes are both being heard and being given a voice- a voice of courage, possibility, and hope. Ms. Pusey makes sure they know they are not alone. However, I read Reclaiming Hope not as a parent, but as an educator wanting to understand more about the students and families I interact with who have a similar story. Through reading her first-hand account of trying to navigate the System, I felt deep empathy, and simultaneously anger, for everyone involved- the kids, the people trying to give the kids a secure and loving home and family, and the social workers. But Ms. Pusey didn't let me stay angry for long. That's not the purpose of her book. The purpose of her book, first and foremost, is to help other adoptive/foster parents by naming things/feelings what they really are, by encouraging them with honest insight and advice, and most importantly, by reminding them why they did this in the first place. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves, supports, and/or works with adopted/foster children and their families.”


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