Julian North


Julian North has been writing since he could pick up a pencil (remember those?). But life got in the way… Things like jobs, kids, and parents. He kept writing but rarely finishing manuscripts. He hadn’t written anything he wanted people to read. Age of Order was different.

Age of Order was inspired by Julian’s experiences fighting to get his two young children into school in his adopted home on the Upper East Side of New York City. You could say that the book was born out of anger as he confronted the notion that someone could make a judgment about his children through a computer test, or during a twenty minute play group. What started as therapy evolved into a vessel to discuss the unfairness, inequality, and occasional brilliance he saw around him through his favorite medium: dystopian science-fiction. His frustration became dialogue, and from the dialogue grew the characters. Many of them turned out to be high school students--gifted ones—most from elite backgrounds. Others were not so fortunate. Some were better human beings than others, but all of them were flawed, as we all are. Over about four months, their story unfolded and became Age of Order.

Julian lives in New York City with his wife and two children. Age of Order is his first novel.

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“There's no shortage of YA sci-fi yarns that focus on the gap between haves and have-nots. But North's entry is superlative, and his well-rendered setting is a more interesting conceit than Suzanne Collins' similar Panem in The Hunger Games... A promising debut that re-energizes tropes in the dystopian sci-fi genre.”

“Age of Order is powerfully charged with rich characters and a dynamic story line. One of the BEST new YA books we've reviewed”

“The story itself is immensely creative... Setting up a wealth of mysteries before pulling back the veil on each, it's hard to escape the grasp of this book”

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