Talia Jager


When Talia isn’t hiding in the bathroom from her six children munching on a chocolate bar, she enjoys hiking the red rocks in Utah or sitting on the beach with a Kindle in her hands and her toes in the ocean.

Talia has written a number of books for young adults, including Damaged: Natalie’s Story, Teagan’s Story: Her Battle With Epilepsy, If I Die Young, Secret Bloodline, Lost and Found, and The Gifted Teens Series.

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“When i read the first book of this series i loved it! This book was no different. i really enjoyed it. The storyline stayed fresh and the characters continued to develop. It was worth the money if you liked the first book. For me the series is a beath of fresh air and i would definetely reccomend them.”

Alyssa Rodriguez - Kindle reviewer on Roots and Wings

“The Otherworld series left high expecations for the Ehriad Novella. I'm thrilled to say Ehriad exceeds expectations. Though Faelorhen had already felt complete within itself, this novella ventured further into the realm of the Otherworld, and into Cade's beautiful vulnerablities. The exterior of the male protagonist may define Ehriad, but his interior screams gallant warrior. Through this story the mysteries behind his cryptic behavior are revealed and a compassionate, self-sacraficing man lies beneath the surface. No matter how pyhysically strong the warrior, the strongest muscle in the body will always be the heart. Cade is all heart. His weaknesses are most endearing and he will always make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love. Ehriad's flawless collaboration with Faelorhen creates and atmosphere that is both awe inspiring and intoxicating. Through this author's imagination we are able to bind these emotional experiences to ourselves and claim a piece of that heart as our own. Every word of this story has a heart beat. I am truly grateful to the author for giving the breath of life to a world I can venture time and time again. Every time I read a new book in this series I am left sinfully obsessing for more. Ehriad was the last nail in my coffin claiming me as a forever fan of the Otherworld. ”

“This book struck me at the core and I don't usually read YA. It's intense nearly from beginning and all the way to the end. It is hard, fast, and brought tears to my eyes several times. Her protagonist, Kassia, is infinitely likeable, particularly for anyone who understands what its like to be outcast (and to have a temper you can't control!) I fell in love with the love interest and Kassia's best friend reminded me of my own. I highly recommend this book to anyone who adores young adult and the paranormal.”

Bookish Witch - Kindle reviewer on The Ultimate Sacrifice

“So far I have read Dark promises and am in faery heaven! I am in love with faeries have been since I was a little girl and I don't see that changing anytime soon! I am slowly going through each story as to savor each one and not to combine them into one big story that doesn't make sense. I was not disappointed in Dark Promises at all it is in my opinion awesome.I think that Rylie is a great character as well as Adam her boyfriend and bff Sierra together they make quite the team. I did find myself having a soft spot for Kallen. (which I won't explain as you need to read about him on your own) This is a wonderful beginning to what is an amazing series by Julia Crane and Talia Jager! I am glad it was part of the bundle! I will update my review for this bundle as I read through it! ”

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