Kenny S. Rich


Kenny S. Rich, known simply as Kennyrich, is a Cameroonian-born American author and poet with a passion for storytelling and profound wordplay. He believes in writing to inform and inspire in an entertaining style, hence the name of his self-publishing house, 'Infotainment Press'. To date, Kennyrich has published six books across multiple genres, including an action-packed sci-fi fantasy saga, a controversial, standalone narrative nonfiction, and an inspirational poetry collection. A jack of all trades, he currently works as a sales & marketing professional and as an entrepreneur running his own online creative writing platform,, while freelancing as his schedule permits.

Books By This Author

“It is an A+ tale that captivates you on page one and sustains the pace throughout the whole story. It overflows with a wide range of characters of every moral persuasion, good and bad.”

“Simply amazing! As the author takes us to a not too distant dystopian future, he allows us to explore a world where nothing is as it seems.”

“A spectacular, compelling tour de force in the science fiction fantasy genre, THE ONE-EYED KING held me spellbound on every page.”

“Compelling! Gripping! The One-Eyed King will play on every emotion you have, taking you on a roller-coaster ride of anger, excitement, tears and victories. It’s a book you can’t put down. ”

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